[WEP] Throwing Daggers

  • I love throwing weapons. I’m terrible at using them, but I love them all the same. And I was sitting back thinking “Man, there’s no variety. It’s either throwing knives or hatchets.” but then I had a thought: another throwing weapon that’s in-between the two. But then that idea matured into a different weapon altogether: throwing daggers. A weapon that would act like the Archer’s javelins in that it is a melee/ranged hybrid weapon. You would get two, they would throw a bit further (less arc) than the other two throwing weapons, they would fly through the air at a pace in-between the other two throwing weapons, they would do damage in-between the other two throwing weapons, but they would do more extra headshot damage– hopefully even enough to oh-so satisfyingly one-shot archers by whipping a dagger into their smug face. Used as a melee weapon, it would function like a slightly less powerful but oh-so-slightly faster Broad Dagger. Alt slash would even use regular slash attacks instead of also throwing it. It would be held like a regular dagger; when readying to throw it would play an animation where it is thrown into the air and caught by the tip, then drawn back like normal. Possible art style: Something similar to the Iron Dagger from Skyrim but more simple, perhaps.


    • = pro
    • = con
      ? = unsure

    Compared to throwing knives:

    • Less potential damage (4 throwing knife headshots still > 2 throwing dagger headshots, and 4 throwing knife hits very much > 2 throwing dagger hits)
    • More potential burst damage (It still does more damage with one hit, even without a headshot.)
    • Longer possible range
    • Less total projectiles (Accuracy is imperative because you have less chances to hit, just like with throwing hatchets.)
    • Less accurate while moving
    • Slower projectiles (This also creates a toss-up for it’s effective range: on one hand it can fly farther, so it has longer range; on the other it flies a bit slower so it’s less likely to actually hit what it’s flying at due to dodging and harder leading.)
    • Takes more time to throw (The animation to actually throw the weapon takes more time.)
    • Takes more time to take out new throwing weapon after throwing (Along with the line above, this makes it take a hell of a lot longer to throw two knives in a row, leaving you more vulnerable in comparison.)

    Compared to throwing hatchets:

    • Less raw damage (Accuracy is still imperative, because without head hits you’ll do less damage.)
    • More potential damage (Assuming you get at least one headshot.)
    • Much longer range (The throwing hatchets do actually fly less distance than the throwing knives, right?)
    • Less accurate while standing still
      ? Allows a knight to have a (really bad) dagger class weapon (Is that actually a plus? I guess it could help fend off facehuggers.)
    • Faster projectiles
      ? Takes less time to throw (Maybe? Is there actually any difference between the two’s “throwing” animation speed?)
    • Takes more time to take out new throwing weapon after throwing

    As an alternative to other daggers:
    Ever-so-slightly faster than the Broad Dagger.
    Slightly less damaging than the Broad Dagger.
    Same balanced damage figures as the Broad Dagger.
    Still better than the Hunting Knife. (Not that that’s saying much.)
    I kid, I kid. (Probably.)

    Unique features compared to other weapons in general:
    Alternate attacking opponents in melee and ranged like with javelins.
    No need to switch from your throwing weapon if someone comes out of no where, just stab him or parry his attack like normal.
    “Slash” attack riposte quickly spins around the dagger and throws it; which is not only unique but frighteningly effective, as it could not be parried with a weapon due to it’s ranged attack nature.
    The only dagger class weapon a knight can wield.
    The only melee weapon a vanguard cannot charge attack with.
    The only tertiary slot item that can be used like a melee weapon.
    Possibly the only non-archer wielded ranged attack that can kill archers with one hit.
    Probably some other things I can’t think of right now.

  • not a bad idea dude i like your idea why dont we give it a try for sure it will add fun in the game ;)

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