Fix team damage

  • Hello, Please fix the team damage at spawn of a new round.
    If I kick someone out of the way who obviously isn’t moving or the entire team does it to bully eachother people votekick eachother to see you have 100% team damage after just kicking someone in the butt -_-. To a server this is always a definete votekick out cause all they see is 100% team damage.
    Kind of unfair.

  • I’ve never seen anyone do that.

    What I have seen is a douchbag who will suddenly attack you straight out of spawn and wait for you or someone to attack back. Then they instantly votekick you. It fails and sometimes they get kicked.

  • Don’t kick someone unless you’ve done some damage to enemies. Quite simple really.

  • It should show total damage dealt to teammates instead of a percentage.

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