May 2013 - Fisticuffs Championship, PREPARE!!

  • Since the release of Chivalry there have been a few great players who prefer fisticuffs over sword and board.

    For months they have honed their skills. They have grown from a minor nuisance to one of the most feared combatants on the battlefield.

    There are dramatic upcoming changes in fist fighting. The patch will likely make fist fighting one of the most intense combat styles in Chivalry. The very fast pace of hand to hand combat necessitates quick reaction times and surgical technique.

    This tournament is being organized to train the next generation of elite. Join to be paired with someone near your level for learning, or to claim your dominance on the battlefield.

    Welcome to the May 2013 Tournament.

    Join our steam group here to receive information on training and match days:

    Stay tuned for slick video highlight -

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