Stamina changes

  • My suggestion is will cause longer more satisfying battles unless you are really bad at blocking stuff.

    I would like to put forth an increase of 10-20 times our base stamina amount and reduction of 10-15 times to our regain.
    This change I believe will allow for longer more entertaining battles and makes stamina a more precious resource in Team Objective matches and even duels.

    Right now Stamina rarely matters except when it’s gone but disengaging for a second and crouching almost allows you limitless stamina making it basically not matter. Having it be a more long lasting but harder to recover resource will lead to what I believe will be more strategic fights and more caution before engaging an enemy.

    Being out of stamina would limit comboing much longer than currently and it may lead to more suicides among people with bad accuracy or maa who dodge all the time. thus slowing the speed of the game slightly. This most likely will be ignored how ever since dying is not much of a punishment.

    Counters to downfalls:
    Allow negative stamina so you may still combo and block with increasingly harsh effect eventually causing death by exhaustion. This will not only maintain the speed of the game but add a new combat strategy, the War of Attrition.

  • Stamina becomes much more important as you get better. Your fights will last longer and you will use more stamina consuming maneuvers, like combo-feint-parry (that’s a big one), feint-parry and intenionally missed attacks. Once you use everything at your disposal, stamina starts to matter. Even being low on stamina changes a good player’s play as he will now for example try a delayed attack instead of a feint to conserve stamina so he doesn’t run out and give you a free hit.

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