More voting options (next map, extend time, fun settings)

  • Here are a few things I would love to see enabled as voting options:

    Extend map (adds another 15 minutes on. Useful when everyone wants to stay classic dueling or whatever).

    Next map (this would be so much nicer than waiting until the last 30 seconds of a map to vote for the next one).

    Fun stuff. Vote for low grav or game speed, or whatever else. Something like that would only remain on until the next map.

    Also… a voting menu would be pretty nice. If you’re gonna get around to making one, then why not add some sweet options!

  • 1. Next map
    I’d prefer the current system as it does not bind players to the maps that will be constantly voted for over and over again.

    2. Extend time
    This is a good idea, only if you are allowed to extend the current map once. If a map just keeps on getting extended, it wouldn’t be that fun for all players.

    3. Fun settings
    :) Maybe not.

  • But you can currently vote for maps anyway? I’m not suggesting anything different, just having two different options: one that changes the map immediately (what we currently have), and one that changes which map will be next.

    Although I do like the system you find on CS servers where towards the end of the map a menu pops up asking players to vote for whichever of the 4 listed maps they want to play next. It could just randomly select 4 maps of any gametype (on a classic server) or a specific gamemode (on a duel, etc, server).

    I would like the extend time because it’s annoying having to reload the map every 15 minutes or whatever if you’re just doing a bunch of FFA or LTS or whatever.

  • They’ve said they aren’t happy with the UI so they’re probably going to redo a whole bunch of it.

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