Acceleration/Speed in weapons. New game mechanic

  • Hello everyone,

    I write to throw in an idea and to debate about it. The goal of this is to try to come with a possible solution to all this gimmicky gameplay derived from 2 facts:

    • Any succesfull hit release full damage
    • The hit boxes are still quite bad

    Leaving aside the hit boxes, which I am sure that will imprive in the following years and it’s just a matter of polishing them and more hours working on them, the real issue here is the fact that any hit, however it occurs, releases full damage of the weapon (withe the exception of head/torso/feet).
    It does not matter wither the angle, the speed of the weapon or the space/distance the weapon has to be released.

    I totally understand that it is not easy to introduce these variables that could turn the game really complex to program and even to play. I am just considering the idea of introducing speed and acceleration of the weapons, which in my opinion could solve some of the gimmicky/unrealistic issues like face/hugging, overhead + look down, the super slow-motion swing, etc… The new mechanics will be as follows:

    • All the attacks starts with an initial speed of 0, and each weapon/attack has a constant acceleration up to a maximum speed.
    • The acceleration can be slowed down by facing against the attack direction (like looking right in a swing right->left) but never increased by looking towards (the initial acceleration is the maximum acceleration, but not the minimum).
    • When the attack hits it will take into account the current speed of the weapon to determine the damage of the hit.

    What does it mean?

    • The attacks that hit JUST AFTER the end of the windup or pretty soon (accelerated) would do less damage as the weapon has no time to gain enough speed.
    • The attacks that are intentionally slowed down would also do less damage because of the lack of speed.

    An extra feature to that would be to take into account the body speed so if you go running towards an enemy and stab with a spear the damage could be bigger.

    Well it is just an idea to build up in the future, I am aware that this is not even close to urgent right now, I don’t know what you guys think

    I forgot to mention that hiting an enemy would slow down the weapon and therefore the damage a second hit would cause.

  • I think it’s an interesting idea. I doubt anyone would ever bother implementing it, but it is a neat way to add some variation to the damage output of weapons.

  • Love it, needs some tweaks but adds a much needed touch of realism and wrong forum.

    A slight tweak I would like to suggest is where the weapon hits
    swing: swords
    the tip would cause less damage since its a shallower cut
    The middle to just before the tip area would be the most damage
    close to the hilt to middle would deal less damage than the middle but more than the tip(longer contact with the blade)

    Overheads swords
    Full damage at tip Most force since it would be driven down in to the body rather than glancing off and lots of force in a small area would penetrate better.
    Moderate damage at middle high force but that’s alot of metal to try to cut through with the larger surface area.
    Hilt more than fists but slowest moving part of the swing would have the least penetrative force.

    Stabs swords
    damage only at tip

  • Totally wrong forum, if any mod can move it to suggestions please :)

    You can add plenty of things, I agree on the different parts of weapons but it can go even more complicated.

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