Chivalry Newsletter #2 - March/April 2013

  • Hello everyone and welcome to our bi-monthly newsletter! I hope you like the new look. Thought I’d spice it up a wee bit. And if you don’t like it, too bad! Just kidding! Please do leave your constructive criticisms!
    And remember, I’m always looking for new suggestions on what you’d like to see in these newsletters, so please add your ideas on the forums here:

    [image][/image]What’s new:

    Well, if you haven’t heard yet, I am the new Community Manager for Torn Banner Studios! Perhaps one day we’ll have an interview on me haha, but for now, this is just a tiny introduction on little ol’ me. I hope to do a lot for you, our wonderful community, give you some proper updates, plan some fun events and so much more. I’m new on the job, so it will take some time, but for now, you can at least still enjoy these newsletters and my presence on the forums. Expect to get more updates on our social media sites (Twitter and Facebook), as well as on our steam hub/group. Even if we don’t have any major updates to give, you’ll at least more communication from me! If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. Here are some ways to get a hold of me, if you want to keep track of things with Chivalry, TBS, or just me in general:

    **Our official media sites:
    Official Steam Group:

    What’s to come:[image][/image]

    Since our last issue, we’ve had one patch that has come out that fixed a lot of problems the community was complaining about, so I hope that everyone is happy with the current changes. If you haven’t seen the change log, you can read about it HERE! Annd, I just had to change this before I released this, but our latest patch, CU1 1.5 has JUST been released! If you are having trouble finding servers, it’s because not all the servers have been updated yet. Won’t be much longer though now! Probably by the time you are done reading this :) Patch notes are up HERE.

    So what’s next on the agenda? Patch 2 will focus on balance and gameplay mechanics, as well as fix up any bugs that were missed from Patch 1. And don’t worry, Mod Tools are still on the list as the next big update that will be coming in the near future! Also, for our Euro friends, we shall have 4 beta servers up for you in the next update.

    The team is moving into their new studio this week, getting furniture moved in, the computers setup and all that good stuff. Things have been quiet due to the move, but you can expect to hear more of what is to come in the next few weeks after everyone is situated.

    [image][/image]Meet the Devs

    So this time, we get up close and personal with Ryan Patrick Buckley (aka Sir Loin), Torn Banner’s Audio Director, Sound Designer, Composer and of course, the voice of the Man At Arms!

    Since he IS the sound guy, I thought I’d do something different and instead of your everyday text interview, we actually did it on voice. I also got the community involved, by asking them to post their questions on the forums. Then I incorporated it into our lovely interview. This interview was originally at an hour and a half, but we had to cut it down, so it’s now a whopping 42 minutes! I made a cheesy slideshow to go with it, which took forever to make because that’s not my forte. Lol In any case, hope you enjoy!


    **Community Events:

    We talked about having community events in the last newsletter and they are still coming to town! Myself and forum moderator ChuckingIt will be running the show. Our first event will be coming very soon and all the details will be posted on the forums within the next week. And so you know what will be coming, the first even willl be an all archer FFA in the map Arena. Only the shortbow may be used, but if you run out of ammo, you can only kick. No melee weapons and no fists! Sounds like silly fun? Good! All our events will be different, but most importantly, it’s to bring the community together and have a lot of fun. This will also be a good opportunity for the dev team to get involved in the community as well.

    We will have a couple servers set aside just for these events, and we’ll be sure to host events in both the North American and European regions, so everyone can have a good time!

    We will also have a public Mumble server that everyone (up to 100 people) will be welcome to join and get to know your fellow Chivalry players through voice. So stay tuned for the info!

    Competitive Scene:[image][/image]

    In our last issue, we gave an introduction to clan life and the competitive scene. In this issue and going forward, we will be doing a “clan spotlight”. We will be doing mini interviews of various clans from both the North American and International scene.

    Since the last issue, there have been various tournaments that occurred, so if you missed some of the live streams from them, here are recordings of various matches played.

    Dark Age Gaming 5v5 Team Objective Finals

    Kvii vs Vanquish


    This tournament was actually back in January, but since I didn’t include it in the last issue, I didn’t want to forget about it as it was a great matchup. Enjoy!

    Dark Age Gaming 8v8 Team Objective & Duel Tournament


    This is a very long video, so you may want to take some breaks while watching ;). This video includes the semi-finals between Int and BF1, the Duel Tournament finals and lastly the finals between Interitus and Vanquish. Enjoy!

    I’d also like to thank ESL for doing a great job keeping the International scene alive and running. DAG was doing a great job for awhile for the North American scene, but it is now defunct. Hopefully something new will come along as the NA scene desperately needs something to keep competition flowing. I know we’d all like more, but it’s not easy to do and running these things take a lot of time and energy. There are have some clans and individuals as well, who have been taking the initiative and setting up their own tournaments. So thanks for your support and keeping things moving and fun for everyone! Going forward, what can we do to increase interest in the competitive scene and get more tournaments going? Do we need more groups like ESL and DAG to run them? Or do we want them to just host more? Weekly? Monthly?

    I know a big discussion taking place is more support from Torn Banner in the competitive side of things. Once we have the necessary resources, we can see about having some more official things taking place. In the meantime, I can do some research and planning and see what we can do in the future.

    [image][/image]Clan Spotlight:

    Here is our first Clan Spotlight! We will doing two clan spotlights per issue. One from North America, and one from the International side. Our two clans to be “Spotlit” (Oh, I’m good!) is Interitus (Int) and The Phoenix Legion (TPL).


    Interitus was formally made about 2 months after Chivalry came out. But we were loosely grouped way before that. It kind of started out with Mithron, Viking, bb, Moose, and bada meeting each other in public servers. That turned into steam chat, and playing a lot together. Then we finally made the clan on November 18th.
    Funny story about the name though, we were originally going to be called “The Pills are Here,” after an inside joke about some random pub player using that name. And it was just going to be a joke clan. Almost all of us had been in very serious teams before from different games, fps, mmo, rts, and so we wanted to make sure this was going to be different.

    **Mini Q&A
    What advice can you give to those who would like to start their own clan?

    Foremost one needs to discern which kind of clan one wants to lead. There are a few different varieties out there at the moment; casual “PUB”ers, hardcore competitive, and a few that have formed around an ideal, such as “we don’t like feinting” (or fun). Once you know what kind of organization you want to be a part of, then you need to tackle recruitment. ONLY recruit like minded folks- mindset and attitude are much more important early on than initial raw talent.

    Once you have a few allies and an idea about what you want to do, you are almost in the clear. If casual fun is what you are after, all you need is a good TS server to shoot the breeze and you are set. If competitive play is your aim, then you have some homework to do. Research the competitive scene, watch the existing casts, and communicate with the top guild members/leaders. Feel free to apply your own ideas for training- just don’t expect to get anywhere without putting in the hard work.

    **How do you go about choosing members for your clan?

    Initially our clan lead (Bada) simply invited some folks he’d been playing with to his teamspeak server, and after a few days Interitus was formed. Back then there wasn’t nearly as much selection criteria- if we liked playing with you and you were a decent sword, you were in. When we got to the “8-12 players on at any given time” mark, we put a halt on recruitment and just focused on improving our game. We had some initial concerns that having too many folks would lead to unrest as some individuals wouldn’t see much scrimmage time, so we didn’t pad the roster too much.

    We aren’t immune to the attrition that will always befall a competitive gaming scene, yet thankfully after our initial success we were blessed with the ability to be much more selective about admittance. Currently we invite applicants to join us on TS and just play with us; personality is hugely important. If an applicant shows a good attitude, the aptitude to learn quickly and improve their game, a willingness to communicate and a strong understanding of their class and mechanics, then we will invite them to practices. If it’s not going to work out, we let an applicant know within a few days. Otherwise the app process takes about 2-3 weeks- at the end of which they are a full fledged Interitus member (and get a shiny forum sig!).

    What is your view on the competitive scene as it is now and what is it that Interitus would like to see in the future?

    Currently the Chivalry competitive scene is in its infancy. Scrimmages are disorganized and irregular, and tournaments are few and far between. While the content (the current competitive formats) are reasonable, there is a massive disconnect within the current Chivalry player base. Individual players right now divide themselves between “pubbers” (the majority) and “clanners”. The former have the undeserved social stigma of either being inferior skill wise or lacking the social connections to be in a clan. The “clanners” on the other hand are sometimes viewed as elitist, or requiring stringent requirements; possibly drawing unjust connotations to MMO guilds and the like. The most unfortunate thing of all however might just be the general ignorance amidst the player base of high level competitive play. Most are not even aware of ongoing tournaments, and there are many players of rank 20-30 that have never even seen a scrimmage, much less participated in one.

    A stronger competitive scene would help bridge the gap between those in competitive clans and the rest of the chivalry community. We would love to see pick-up-groups form as they do in other games to play against each other (as well as budding clans). The more players that experience the exhilaration of good competition, the healthier it will be. Ultimately we would love to have an active league, regular tournaments, and the ability for any clan to casually scrimmage at their convenience.

    Which clan (out of North America) would you say is the strongest at the moment (and yes, you can include yourselves).

    Historically VQ has always fielded excellent TO teams- their strategic play is crisp and formidable. Up and coming teams such as faucheur and Arete Warriors have posted impressive LTS results using the meta-altering double archer setup. However at the moment, considering our recent tournament and scrimmage history, we think Interitus can handle anything the competitive scene might throw at us.

    What was your motivation coming into the 8v8 TO tournament, since before that, you made it into the finals twice, but weren’t able to come out on top. The last two tournaments, you guys did really well, winning both the 8v8 TO and 2v2 Duels. The 8v8 tournament win especially, must have really felt good, and you have kept up the momentum since then.

    Practice. We’ve always been a forward thinking guild when it comes to challenge and defeat- rather than look for excuses, we look for concrete ways to improve our play. For the 8v8 tourney we practiced the specific maps and unique scenarios that might come up- including small engagements, strategic and tactical maneuvers, shifting class compositions and streamlined communication. Our practices have a classroom quality to them- we are very analytical in discerning what we did well and what we can improve upon. We do “internals” whenever we have the folks- I.E. we scrimmage ourselves.

    There are a few other factors that contributed to our recent victories. Unlike other clans we’ve always been wary of taking extended “breaks” in our activity. We try to scrimmage or hold practices whenever possible- usually that averages out to five times a week. We also can’t downplay the raw talent we have at our disposal- our recruitment & commitment to the game has really paid off.

    **Is there anything you’d like to say to the Chivalry world? This is your one moment to shine!
    A few things actually! First we’d like to address the developers: Thank you for providing a truly fantastic visceral game. That being said- we are attracted to the game as it is! Refinement of current systems, bug fixing (Looking at you bugged alt-attack animations) and optimization will go much further in making competitive Chivalry a real thing over twisting the mechanics that make this game great. We’d also love some casting/recording functionality- yet the best way to sell the game as a vehicle for serious competition is to remove the glitches from that equation.

    To our fellow players- stop asking the game to conform to you, and conform to the game! Many folks constantly request that we strip Chivalry of what makes it unique (and superior) amidst the competition- instead we should be embracing the quirks that make it shine. Instead of complaining, analyze what vexes you and find a counter. It doesn’t matter if you are a solo pubber or a clan lead- practice and improve yourself. We look forward to seeing you on the field!

    The Phoenix Legion

    TPL was formed from the Old PGP clan that was dominant in Age of Chivalry, and we reformed and started up again in Chivalry. After a clan decision, we decided it would be best if we left the clan for political reasons and started up “TPL” after a long debate about names. 20k was our leader, and after a clan vote, Turtwiggy and Orjan den Store were appointed as council members. This happened around the new year, and we thought, new year, might as well have a fresh start. However, quite recently 20k decided to step down from council, and promoted Alymere, and Nimmer to council. It was formed so that we could basically all play together and have fun, and then we started to play Chivalry competitively, and now we’re driving competively more.

    **Mini Q&A
    **What advice can you give you to those who would like to start up their own clan?
    Be friendly to everyone and honour your reputation, with chivalry!

    **How do you go about choosing members for your clan?
    We trial members for about three weeks, and see how committed they are. We see what they’re like and get to know them and then see how they’ve improved during the three weeks.

    What is your view of the competitive scene as it is now and what is it that TPL would like to see in the future?

    The competitive scene is growing with the upstart of new clans, and that’s always nice to see. We think that everyone is really looking forward to the “Mod Tools” that is going to come out, and we’d really like to see lots of big clans all competing in chivalry comp.

    Which clan (out of the International scene) would you say is the strongest at the moment (and yes, you can include yourselves).

    We don’t really know about the International scene, but for the EU side; after the tournament IO is hosting finishes, then we’d decide, because the tournament is giving enough chances for the best to come out on top. Though RK is still tough and IO seems determined.

    **Tell us how you’ve been doing in competitive play recently and what you are looking forward to in the future and how you can go about improving.
    After the reformation from PGP, we have been somewhat disorganized and only recently built the foundations for the clan; which is out of the way, so I think now we’re going to improve on our teamwork on the battlefield and focus on putting up a solid competitive team again.

    **Is there anything you’d like to say to the Chivalry world? This is your one moment to shine!
    Right now, the most important thing we probably want to broadcast to the world is that we are recruiting committed players that are interested in competitive play, with polite and positive attitudes! We’re also, as always recruiting casual players that are polite and friendly as our number one goal is to have fun and enjoy the game.

    In Closing:[image][/image]

    Thanks for your continued support with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Torn Banner Studios. We wouldn’t be here today without the community! I’d really like to know what you’d like to see in future issues and generally what you’d like to see in the community itself. Keep in mind, majority of the community is NOT on the forums, so what kind of things would you like to see, hear and do?

    Please be sure to post your comments on the newsletter format and content in this thread and remember to post your suggestions for our future newsletters HERE!

    Torn Banner Studios went to PAX East this year and it was a huge success. If you had the chance to go and stop by their booth, hope you said your hellos! For those who missed it, check out the awesome group shot of the gang at the booth!


    Oh and one last thing. One of the requests I got in the thread for future newsletters was cheese and crackers. Here you go guys, I didn’t forget about you! ;)


    Til’ we meet again,
    Kimiko; Community Manager
    Torn Banner Studios - Passion and Innovation in Video Game Design

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  • @jrmftw:

    Great job with the news letter! Really well done, love the effort you have put into this to communicate with us lowly peasants who complain about everything :D

    However…… Perhaps we could have some wine to go with our whining? Not just cheese? :P
    Yeah I know, that was terrible, sue me!

    Thank you! I try my best! And hmm how could I forget the wine? :P Perhaps in the next issue! STAY TUNED!


    Nice group shot from PAX. Hope you guys had a blast.
    I count ten people… is that the entire dev team?

    No, not everyone was able to attend, but that’s majority of everyone :)


    The best part of this interview: Hearing the MaA laugh / taunt live.
    Sir Loin is now my favorite sound dev.

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    My favorite YouTube comment:


    Haha fuck had the volumes turned up a bit and then came this? porn voice much louder than wanted x’D

    Career change in Kimi’s future? :jrazz:

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