Ninja footsteps

  • Idk if I should post this in the bug department, or here, but something that is gamebreaking to me is the fact that I keep getting killed by twinkle toed sprinting footsoldiers from behind… For some reason the foot step sound infront of me is perfectly fine, but I’ve never heard a footsoldier sprint up behind me before even though they do it all the time ( how I die most of the time in large fights )… The reason I didn’t know whether to post it here or the bug forum is because I don’t know if it is only happening to me or it’s an actual gameplay mechanic… If so it should definitely be dropped… I depend on my ears to listen for a heavy armored knight clanging up behind me to defend myself…

  • I agree. Footsteps in general seem to be in and out at times. I’ll hear a guys footsteps who is 50 feet from me an turn toward him and miss the guy who is sprinting at me only 10 feet away as his footsteps are silent. Sometimes it seems the other way around.

    It may also be because I’m spamming ‘c’ constantly that I can’t hear anything too… Who knows :)

    Oh and hey Dogtowns, this is Cid

  • I’ve lost some audio channels occasionally, but I’ve comfortably been able to hear footsteps behind me. I wonder if this is some sort of positional audio problem… I know that sometimes if I used 5.1 sound and didn’t have back speakers plugged in, you lost the sound. Also, in general I’ve noticed footsteps aren’t very loud on 5.1 speakers, but if you have a pair of good headphones on, you can really pick up on them.

    I’ve been able to spin around and hit some people going for a backstab due to knowing about how far away they are from me via the sound, and was asked how I was seeing behind me, so at least for me the footsteps are working.

  • Hey Cid! Ha, good duels man… but yea sometimes it can be kind of game breaking but Reapy i’ll take your advice and try my headphones… They did cost me 150 bucks so I should be using them anyway lol… But I still hope this gets looked into eventually.

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