[SOLVED] Playername broken again

  • Since i purchased this game near its steam release, my player name has always displayed as “Player216/Player523/PlayerXXX”, after a couple of weeks i was helpfully pointed to the setname command where if i banged it in once i was connected it would sync to my steam and be displayed as whatever that is.

    Unfortunately setname has now been removed and I can no longer strike fear into servers connecting as the infamous MAA “j0nny :)”, but now instead a forgettable “playerXXX”.

    Its really quite fraustrating, ive tried a re-install but without the console command im really all out of ideas. Any suggestions?

  • The PlayerXXX happens because you have an illegal character in your Steamname. Usually it’s the angle brackets “<” and “>”.

  • fixed thank you was [ : ) ]

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