Attacks while Sprinting = Less Damage?

  • Here’s a thought for you, how about making attacks while sprinting do less damage? There are 2 reasons that support this:

    1. Realism. One would assume it’s much harder to get a good balance and weight in your swings whilst sprinting around in circles.

    2. It adds another element to the combat, making it deeper. Players now have a choice between more mobility and less damage or less mobility and more damage.

    PS: The default running speed (running, not sprinting) still differs between the classes.
    PPS: If this were to become a reality, there would probably have to be a “start-up” and “cooldown” time to prevent people quickly releasing sprint just before the attack will hit.

    Just a thought, what do you guys think?

  • That would buff Spears or other weapons with long reach since the spear user is normally the guy that keeps backpaddeling away from the enemy while the oppenent tries to get close to him using the sprint function. This would probably only effect Vanguards in a positive way since they are the guys with the long reaching weaponry. However I do kinda lik the idea but would change it a bit. I would say the more swings one makes while sprinting, the less damage each swing deals. For example first hit while sprinting deals 90% dmg, next one 70% etc. That would at least harm this new annoying “hit and run” mechanic introduced with the new sprinting system

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