Simple Map Ideas

  • A bridge, over a vast river - any kind of locale, where the bridge itself is fairly thin: perhaps 5-10 players wide, not much room for manouvre. Players spawn opposite sides, and meet roughly in the middle. It could lend itself to some very interesting shield wall gameplay - with vanguards packing in behind with spears phalanx style, archers peppering around, oil pots going off everywhere, arms flying all over the place, and a couple of screaming rows of players battling to beat their way through the opposing line. Personally, that sounds like a really exciting, fresh prospect for me - and could result in some really fun team play, as well as hideous massacres, which is only a good thing. ;)

    It couldnt be hard to develop a nice, simple map like that, and I also think theres plenty room for maps in the same vein as ‘moor’ - lovely simple, open plan battlefields.

    Perhaps a lovely, picturesque oasis, in a desert. Players could spawn on opposite sides, and crash through the shallow water to meet in the middle, and savagely hack apart the opposing team, with the HORRIFIC SLAUGHTER offset by all the lovely palm trees. Bodies floating around in the cool, red water are a necessary embellishment, that Agatha can no doubt provide the material for.

    New maps neednt be complicated, in fact - i think its better less so.


  • @Triumphant:

    archers peppering around

    Please no.

  • It sounds nice for a king of the hill or last team standing, but not for a tdm or team objective.

  • Maps from Age of Chivalry would be very nice to see in Chivalry. Especially aoc_overlook and aoc_monastery (just personal favourites) :)

  • Yeah i mean - it wouldnt work out for TDM (the bridge idea anyway), but last team standing and koth was kinda my thought line anyway.

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