Server filters: not third person!

  • hey there,
    just trying the game again after a few weeks of not playing. as usual I’m having problems with the server browser. this time is a damn annoying nuisance.

    every time I open the server browser it finds no servers. why? because the server filter keeps setting the desired view to Third Person. I set it to All and I can find servers again, but no matter what I do (save filter then apply filter, close the browser and open it again, close the game and open it again), the desired view keeps getting set to Third Person.
    and here I was thinking we were past these nuisances

  • You can try going to My Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKSettings.ini and manually changing your saved settings or you could just delete that file and let it regen.

  • Open …\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\UDKUI.ini
    Search “SavedFilter”
    Edit Perspective=0 (0=all, 1=1st person, 2=3rd person)
    Worked for me, anyway!

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