Kickstarter Helmets?

  • The option to change helmets in the settings of the game menu doesn’t exactly work as it should. I can’t seem to load the kickstarter helmet on either Agatha or Mason sides. :(

    Also, I can’t seem to load any servers when i try searching for online games, are the servers down or what’s up with that? Thanking you for your assistance.

  • Moved to beta forums. The servers are currently down and patching for today’s update.

  • I think that’s a bug. I have access to the kickstarter helmet (in the menu) but never donated for it. I imagine it’s a bug that it shows up at all.

  • I wouldn’t call it a bug, just a placeholder until the helmet customization system is more finalized. You will be able to select the helmet even if you didn’t donate $150+ on kickstarter, but it’ll only show up in-game if you donated $150+ because the steam keys that went out with donations that came with the helmet were different from the others.

  • Yea you can select it but it won’t appear on your character. I’ll fix it so you can’t select it eventually :)

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