• So i’m a little late to the party with chiv, this has probably been mentioned before but…

    So we have duel mode. Lots of games that have 1v1s also have 2v2 modes! :). See where Im going?

    So yeah, a modified duel mode where players get put into pairs, using the same maps. Those maps’d be great for 2v2s! Why the hell not? Could be scrambled pairs each match, or you could get a partner for a whole map or something. Hell, I dont care.

    Could be very interesting indeed! It’d result in interesting teamwork and class setups, with a really fun change in the dynamics of the game. Variety, after all - is the spice of life… Speaking of life… KIWWWW THEEEEEEM AAAAAWWWWWWWWL. KIIIIIIIIIIILLL DEEEEEHHHHM. SEND THEM TO JOIN THEIR FAMILIES… IN DEEEEEEEEATH! etc etc.

    It could be especially interesting on less straightforward maps like shaft, and it’d just be hectic for maps like tower! :).

    I cant imagine anyone not at least wanting to try something like that out, it’d easily end up my favourite mode aside from duels. Im literally frothing just contemplating the idea.

    Has this been thought about already? I honestly am at a loss as to how its not already in there!


  • Don’t see why not, seen a few 2v2 LTS tournaments.


    I guess it would be similar to that, but with the possibility of a duel mode style pool of “couples” (or individuals).

  • I would enjoy this!

  • I love the Idea.

  • An excellent idea!
    Just think of the glorious feeling you would experience after your comrade dies and you are forced to take down two enemy’s in honor of your fallen friend.

    Going against the odds is what I’m all about!

  • Face two clannies instead of one? I can see how that would go.

    But yeah it would be fun.

  • I support the idea of 2v2 duel mode.

    Two is the smallest number for teaming up and it´s also easier to colaborate with one guy instead of 2, 3 or even more…Bring it!

  • If its not to much to ask, i’d love to get someone from TB have a quick say on the potential for this. I mean, its one of those lovely, rare things that’d be simple to implement, and lacking any foreseeable downsides! Its a win!

  • definitely bumping this shamelessly

  • There is no other way to bump something.

  • A lot of servers already do this, although it isn’t structured like you think. Since the devos haven’t made a game mode, or a matchmaking system like previous games have done, that would allow two people to que up for a 2v2 match together. I love the idea though, as someone previously stated it’s easier to manage two people versus five or even eight. I think it’d be a nice option for people out there who are passionate about 2v2s, which would give them more incentive to continue to play CMW. Just the options to play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 in a more structure and organized sense would be huge for this game. The only problem with that is the fan base isn’t large enough to support a matchmaking system… yet.

    I support the idea mainly because after investing 800+ hours the game gets kind of a blah feeling… The only real thing keeping my attention is the fact that scrims and tournaments exist. Pubs are just annoying anymore and are only fun if I join with a group of friends. Adding some new content couldn’t hurt, unless it came out and took four months to fix everything.

  • great idea 8-)

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