Shield not appearing on back

  • Happens now and then since the patch. I will take a shield when choosing my loadout, but when I spawn there will be no shield on my back. I can still equip and wield the shield, but when I put it away it just disappears instead of being slung behind me. Highly annoying because I use the shield to protect against arrows when I retreat.

  • This only happens to me IF I switch from 2H Knight sword to 1H primary + shield, then back to 2H sword, the shield disappears, and one of the devs responded about it awhile ago, still no fix for it. Shown here

    Do you happen to do this process and as a result see your shield disappear? The fix for me I found is switching to secondary + shield, then switch back to 2H to get your shield back on your back.

  • Happens almost everytime to me.

    The shield isn’t even there when I spawn. Switching back and forth doesn’t fix it.

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