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  • Hello,

    I’m writing to suggest ways to improve the Community. This niche genre of Fighter has scratched the itch of many people. We love the game, and so, are very passionate, and inexcusably intolerant assholes.

    First, let’s thank TB for creating this style of game. And I look forward to future titles.

    Anyways, let’s begin.
    People are assholes, especially when faceless behind a screen; These people are also customers and need to be attended to. We ALL (Devs and Community) need to work together to achieve our common goals.

    This is a symbiotic relationship which is not being nurtured properly.

    TO THE COMMUNITY (of players)
    Please understand that game making is not easy. And PvP games are difficult to balance, with the difficulty compounding with the more asymmetrical play, classes, weapon load-outs, options/variety added. Fighters are even more specific with timings, frame counting, execution, hit-boxes etc.

    Balancing a weapon or class is not as simple as tweaking some settings. A lot of thought and FORESIGHT need to go into the planning. With so many variables (classes, weapon combinations, tactics), one seemingly small alteration can completely throw off the balance of another (which may be seemingly unrelated).
    So Balancing takes more time and care than any other fix.

    Also, Anger, toxic attitude, insults etc, simply gets the same reaction back. It makes it difficult to progress forward when you get caught up on bickering. Most people on this forum simply bicker on problems… but never get around to discussing good solutions.

    We all love a bit of smack talk. I LOVE IT. I’m a huge smart ass and very insincere and enjoy trolling. However, I love making friends and working with others to achieve a goal larger than what I can do myself. So friendly smack talk is great.
    But please don’t just go criticizing others because you are salty. Take a breath. Maybe some constructive criticism or feedback could help.

    Your fans and customers will complain. It’s unavoidable. A lot of it is because we feel we are being ignored and our issues are not being addressed. We basically think you guys are assholes too.

    Get someone close to the Dev team (especially up to date on daily workings) to handle Twitter and Facebook. You guys need a Go-To representative/spokesperson who is proactive and also has a high tolerance for taking bullshit. (We don’t need PR nightmares from reps lashing out at the customers. Refer to Adam Orth of Microsoft). This person keeps the community up to date on what TB is doing. You guys are OKAY with your FB and Twitter posts. But they are generic things.
    Maybe do some more updates about the state of the game and what you are working on.

    The community is passionate about the game and want to be in the know.
    Get someone on Twitter/FB to say, “Hey, guys. We are releasing this patch now. Patch details here: www.oaneoanefn.com”.

    And then the community will reply with, “Awesome! Thanks”.
    Then followed by, “DAFUQ? This shit is broken. This doesn’t work… blah blah blah”.

    And then the Rep jumps on and says, “Ok! We know about the issues being raised upon the newly released patch and we are finding out what is going on. Sorry about it, and please be patient. We love you.”

    Communities eat that shit up. You will convert a bunch of us to start fighting for you… ESPECIALLY if your rep is a nice person (People seem to be okay with Kimi). Help us help you.

    Promote these lines of communication. Customer service.
    There will be a lot of spam thrown your way… just lightly read and get a feel for what we are concerned about. You don’t need to OCD address everything (you can’t possibly). But just let us know YOU know, YOU understand us (and our fragile feelings), and YOU are trying.

    Improving Balancing and Gameplay
    Balancing will always be a controversial and contested discussion. So I hope that we all understand it will be a continued process that may take a long time to iron out. However, Gameplay and Broken functionality should be prioritized. You Devs may be like, “Duh”. But the community is in the dark on what you are doing. Give us updates and assurances on what you are currently prioritizing/tackling.

    eg. Sprint Toggle. Are you aware of the issues post-latest-patch? What are you doing in regards to rectifying the issue? Do you plan on hotfixing this or to be released in a later patch down the line? Or is it too early to tell?

    Players need to chill
    Devs need to be more transparent
    We all need to get along and communicate openly. Focus on solutions instead of bickering about the problem.

  • Very nice read on both sides of the spectrum.

    However, I think you forgot the part where I’m the new (very new) community manager and that’s where things are starting to come together and I’ve already been handling things. Facebook/Twitter has been more up-to-date now and I have a whole list of things to come. I am handling all the server administration as well.

    Also, until the team is fully moved into the studio, we don’t quite everything in order yet, but things are slowly starting to move in the right direction, where you as the community, will get regular updates, etc.

    As far as the latest patch, yes, we are very much aware of it, and yes a hotfix will be coming out soon to take care of the issues.

    So we are definitely aware of things in the community, which is why I put out that very long community post and have been posting in all social media, reddit and the chiv steam hub, as well as planning many other things that are to come.

    Thanks for your well though out post!

  • +1 for telling it like it is!

    I’d like to know a bit more about what the team is working on, myself. It’s disconcerting to have to learn how to deal with some tryharder’s exploits followed by silence from the devs.

    Maybe get a few people from TB in the forums. Bungie did that way back in the days of Halo 2, and it made for a much better community experience. Also, I’ll never forget watching my clanmate headshot the humpday team like they had just picked up a controller.

    Speaking of, a humpday challenge might be fun! Get some of the actual game devs to come in and challenge prominent clans, or just have a night where they post up on an official server. (And shoutcast that game!) Planetside 2 has something similar on Fridays (or at least, they did. Chivalry stole me away from PS2, so I haven’t played in a while.) They also have a feature called Roadmap, which allows the community to weigh in on development ideas. I know there’s a difference in the way a F2P MMO and a pay-to-own fighter are developed, but it’s still a brilliant move.

    Edit: I really should pay attention to what’s under people’s names xD

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