Server browser issues after 1.5 patch

  • There are still a few issues left with the server browser after the latest patch. Here I have listed all I have found with explanations, so it hopefully can be fully fixed for next patch. :)

    1. If you try to “View server info” on the server in the top of the list, it don’t work 95% of the time. Either it just pops up a blank box with no info at all, or it shows the server info from the previous server you have viewed info from - a different servers info…

    2. Setting “Gamemode” filter to Team Objective sometimes makes the “Perspective” filter automatically set itself to Third person view, and keeps doing it even when you set it to All. You can test this by setting gametype filter to Team Objective, join a game and then go back to the menu and refresh server browser - now the Perspective filter should have set itself to Third person. (The only other filters I have enabled is Hide empty servers and Vac required if this has anything to say)

    3. When on your Favorites tab: Refresh the list and while it’s still refreshing, join a full server. After you have gotten the “Server is full” or “Server is at maximum capacity” message and go back to the server browser, it will now continue refreshing, but will now list non-favorite servers - like if you were on the “Servers” tab.

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