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  • well i thaught of a new class.
    and i came to the decisaion (<- no idea hown to spell that)
    that we are missing some kind of assasin.(not some gay asian ninja how everyone says, i mean real assasin like tere were in that time , i actually even did look on wikipedia and they existed in that time))
    he would wear something like the bowmen veteran helmet and some leather plating
    so he would run a bit slower then a maa but he would have same hp as vanguard.
    he should only have short swords , dagger and sabres as weapon category.
    he should do 3 times more backstab dmg (maybe a bit op)
    but! he should be abel to take this sort of special eq.

    1.small oil pod : you can hold 3 or 4 of them , but they do burn less long have smaller splash radius and do less dmg.
    2.poison: when u press left click wiöle holding poision u put ur weapon on the ground and spill poison over it. poision stays for 30 or 60 seconds and when activate it has a 40% chance to poisen the enemy wich should act like burn dmg and only take away like 1/6 of ur life.
    3.big oil pod : has same damage as normal oilpod but does bigger splash radius and takes longer to throw ( a bit slower then heavy javelin)
    4.shuriken or throwing knifes: just 8 weak throwing weapons , a bit weaker the regular throwing kife.

    well thats my idea of the assasin and i wanne know what you think about it.

  • Not really sure about this… :|
    I would like to see something…like a heavier man-at-arms in a medium armor and he would have one handed spears with shields and longaxes and stuff…

  • Each class has the same amount of hp, just different armour.

    Not only that but having a % based effect immediately takes the skill aspect out of the game.

  • viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12867 see this thread as well

  • Assassins never fight on a battlefield.

  • at first thanks for the kind replies normaly new class posters get riped apart xD
    and as the one person sayed that assasins never fight on battle field , i did not mean that kind of assasins wich sneak in and poison someone , i mean more like a … i dont know like rought with fast weapons , but more resistance , more like vanguard , because i was getting toired getting one hitted by vanguards.
    i thik its visibeo that i did not mean some unrealistc shit like that one guy wrote with chans or some stupid stuff more like a ballanced fast but not too fast fighter with a bit more defense.
    also the poison for example would onlöy be 60 seconds and the one guy sayed nothing with skill it would still mean ou need to hit someone , i mean you can block.
    i also tryed to make him not op , for example the small oil pod i mentioned .
    well you have more of them but they have less splash and also it wou8ldnt do more dmg when you throw more then 1 at a person because the effexts wouldnt stack.
    or the heavy oil pod throws slow.ö

    i mean who wouldnt like to have more def as an fast class?
    he wouldnt be that nfast it would just be an vanguard with fair weapons not like tose 2 hand swords , they are stupid op.

  • I like the idea, but there will be a lot of balancing and bug issues.

  • Errr, no, assassins are not soldiers. They are murderers for hire. You send them to take out one guy, in the night, when he’s asleep. Stuff like that, behind the lines. Not frontline material.

  • You call ninjas “gay ass” yet you want to include a weapon they used most profoundly, the shuriken…. Assassins took their enemies by surprise and their enemies most likely were not common foot soldiers, but royalty or family friends, or generals.

  • Nice idea :| But Archer has backstab already and that’s the only reason those cowards can win in melee combat. The only class I want added at the moment is a Spear/Shield class.

  • @Riuuii:

    The only class I want added at the moment is a Spear/Shield class.

    Everyone, chant with me!



  • But I don’t want such a class D:

  • You mean a new name for man at arms?

    Am i late to the party? :?

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