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  • Phase 2.

    And no, you smelly yanks - Im not talking about your insult to football. I watch the superbowl every time it swings around, just to not understand why im watching it. Oh im kidding, its alright. Its a cultural thing.

    SOCCER, although - im only using this vile term to identify it to those ignorant of the true meaning of ‘football’.

    Go on. There must be some of you that watch the Premier League every weekend. Whats your team, come on - dont be shy. Let us all mock you furiously. European? I bleddy love all italians, Frenchies and Dutchmen. You’ve got a team, surely.

    Im a Liverpool man, myself. Yes - we’re a once great club, then King Kenny went a bit cenile n a bit mad with power and money we’re now a shit club in decline, yes, yes, yes.

    BUT I WONT HEAR A NEGATIVE WORD SPOKEN ABOUT LUIS ‘THE VAMPIRE’ SUAREZ, YOU HEAR?! He’s the most exciting player the PL has seen for ages, and you’ll chase him off to Bayern with the abuse he gets every day in the papers!

    Roll up…

  • Gunners4lyfe.

    I’m surprised Suarez managed to stay on his feet long enough to bite someone tbh.

  • Oh leave off him - he just slips a lot, is all! Definitely the best player in the PL: look how many goals he’s scored - with a crap team around him. He’s definitely only been banned 10 games because they dont want the PL’s favourite pantomime villain to win the golden boot. :P. Loving how even without him we beat newcastle 6-0. What a joke. The geordies’ll be fuming! They thought losing 3-0 at st james’s to the mackems was bad!

    Loved it when van persie went toward the wrong changing room at the start last weekend hahaha

  • Could just spell it Futbol.

  • Not exactly related but my brother looks like a younger version of Messi :P

    (And I swear at this rate, he will someday be playing like him.)

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