I don't know what to do anymore

  • Hello fellows my nick in game is [-S?S-] †Berserker† and I have a big problem to solve.

    See, I’m brazilian and there is no much servers to my contry, in fact there is just 1 hoster with like 4 dedicated servers that stays 24h online and with good ping. The hoster who own the servers is called Coldfire and I think this guy don’t like me to much (actually he hates me).

    Well you guys can already see the conclusion. Every time he finds me playing on one of his servers he immediately bans me for ever and there is nothing what I can do about.

    I don’t know how to say it with out it looks like I’m not bragging but I’m rank 48, the highest of my country and there is no other way of thinking that he banned me just for that or by request made by player of another clans.

    Look I’m not calling my self saint, there will always be fights and disagreements. People dies and calls another hacker, cheater, coward, people lags out, votekicks and etc but this…. Banning me for ever from his servers is like banning me forever from the game cuz I dont have good connection, my ping goes to 250 on US servers and I’m insta kicked for a good reason.

    I know that he OWNS the servers and he have the RIGHT to decide who plays and who not but, god, this is unfair

  • Maybe get a new steam account, new key and work from 0 again. Not sure if you could get a steam exchange for the old key but someone mentioned a $10 sale somewhere.

    Making sure you are nice and helpful to everyone on the server rather than dominating them.

  • I have almost the same problem, but I simply can’t join his servers. I try to join, the screen shows “Please wait while the game loads” and after a really long time it shows “you have lost connection to the server” I don’t think it’s a problem with my connection, because I can join EU and US servers with no problem

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