Force respawn for players on the battlements on Stoneshill

  • Just a quick suggestion to make it so that anyone who is upstairs on the battlements on Stoneshill gets automatically moved back to the throne room when the doors are broken. Or at least make it so the blockages on the stairs don’t appear until the top part is clear so the Masons can go up there and kill anyone trying to camp the oil pots.

    Right now anyone up there becomes unreachable when the stairs are blocked after the doors break and they can just sit up there and activate the oil pots to pour on the Masons respawning. It’s annoying for the Masons to deal with and it leaves the Agathians with one less player to defend the king.

  • There are a few objectives across maps where this would make sense. Not sure of the rational. Not that it is a big deal though.

  • The Stoneshill one is the only one that can leave people unreachable while still able to do damage to the other team.

  • @David:

    The Stoneshill one is the only one that can leave people unreachable while still able to do damage to the other team.

    Yeah but they always miss with the oil in my experience. More annoying is archers behind you on the pyre or when you are killing the royal family.

  • They’re annoying, but you can still deal with them. When there’s someone up at the oil you just have to leave them until they get bored and press F10.

  • There is a bug on the map where if you tip the oil while respawning to the King’s room, you will go back to the oil and tip it over every time you die.
    Doesn’t matter where on the map you die, you instantly teleport to a dying animation at the oil, and the oil tips over.
    So it’s not always someone hanging out there.

  • Didn’t know about that. Pretty weird bug. That might be why it seems like there’s someone up there every other time I play on Stoneshill.

  • I’m pretty happy when the archers decide to stay up there and be useless instead of defend the king.

  • Global Moderator

    I found it dumb how they removed the ballistas after the first objective on citidel. As you could still go up there and kill any masons. And any agathian using he bloated would be taken out by an archer.

    Though on stoneshill you should be able to go up and get them. Don’t see why they blocked it off.

  • Yep. Either force respawn or remove the barricades.

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