How do you increase your frames per second?

  • How do you increase your frames per second? Could you tell me the steps?

  • Is this a troll or a legit question? :|

  • This is legit, Hexen a youtuber told me i can increase it by going into “my docuement” ,“chivalry”, “UKE”, and etc. I’m not sure 100% that is why I’m asking for help.

  • He was talking about making changes in your INI config files, like turning down graphic settings and the like that go beyond the in game settings. This is something that should be done as a last resort if you are getting bad FPS in game. There are several threads about this and many tweaks that may help located in the Tech Support section of the forums. I suggest reading through them to get some ideas. Make back up copies of your original files in case you screw up tweaking.

  • There’s actually a program that can optimize the textures to improve framerate without affecting the graphical quality. It’s meant for Skyrim, but works fine for Chivalry.

    Under profiles on the right side of the menu; select maximum then ALL, find the directory Chivalry is installed then just click start.

    It makes a pretty noticeable improvement to your framerate so I’d recommend trying it.

  • That program has been proven to do nothing for Chivalry since it doesn’t actually change any in-game textures besides the opening logo.

    Instead for the easiest way to change a bunch of settings that WILL make a differnce. Open console with ` then type “scale lowend”, don’t use the "

    This will turn down a bunch of graphic settings and in general will make your chivalry run a lot better on your computer.

    Another thing to keep in mind, don’t play on servers greater than 24 people. After you go above 24 people the game starts to get pretty resource hungry, it isn’t GPU it is CPU in this instance.

    A full 32 player game on Arena for instance will run horrid for all but the best CPU’s (with decent GPU’s), no amount of settings changes will fix that. It is up to Torn Banner to sort their code out to perform better. It seems a bit ridiculous that it requires so much CPU time.

    I really, really hope that Torn Banner bite the bullet and temporarily hire an optimizer for 3 months to come in and sort their shit out, as it is a rather specialist area.

  • put ragdoll on 1 or 0, makes a pretty big impact when theres 100 ragdolls lying around you lose like 50 fps

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