New patch, nerfed Javelins.. :(

  • So the new patch nerfed Javelins… It takes 2 jav’s to kill anyone usually, they are slow and hard to throw, using them in Melee is next to useless and now you can’t restock ammo in most game-modes that matter :/

    The new patch also introduced some graphics glitches on the TeamBattle castle map… I see white splotches across the screen that go away when near, NVDIA.

  • I would not call Last Team Standing and Free For All the game modes that “matter”. It takes one javelin to kill an archer or man-at-arms unless you hit a limb; vanguards also drop in a single headshot I believe. I don’t find them to be overly slow or hard to throw, aside from the bug that sometimes makes you do a lengthy javelin-spin animation as you’re drawing a new javelin which almost invariably gets you killed.

    The melee is not next to useless, either. It’s stronger than the archer’s secondaries (except the cudgel). The stab could use some improvements on speed and damage considering its range is fairly low and thus the shieldbash is usually a better option.

    Javelineer is very difficult to master because your limited supply of javelins means you have to make all of them count and actually use your melee. If you’re camping near an ammo box and playing javelineer as a pure archer, I think the problem is with you and not the class. You should try unlocking the war bow - it might be more your style.

  • I usually play Man-at-Arms, and I find javelineers a very tough class to play against. I’m not very good at the game yet, so it might just be me though. But they oneshot me often when I’m occupied with melee combat and I genuinely find melee javs wielded by a competent player to be one of the toughest weapons to play against. They’re longer than anything in the MaA arsenal and they’re fairly quick as well. I believe they need 3 hits to down a MaA (not sure about this), but after the second hit you only have a tiny bit of HP left. In an actual game, where you often run around slightly wounded, this often means the javelineer can take you down in two melee hits. I often feel at a disadvantage in melee as a MaA, which is weird, since I’m a dedicated melee class after all.

    All in all I feel the javelineer might be just a bit too capable of going toe-to-toe with a MaA, but I’m not a very skilled player atm so it may just be me.

  • Short of a headshot Javelins should NEVER be one shot kill. I’m happy for the change. Now if they’d nerf the spears to not be one shot anywhere on the body that would be nice.

  • Just today within two maps I was one-shot killed 4-5 times by a javelin.

    Archer says hi. -.-

  • tibbs has personally said the javs are broken atm

  • @Vox:

    tibbs has personally said the javs are broken atm

    Thread is about javelin balance, though, bugs not withstanding. Current javelin bugs are mostly avoidable, though. Always resupply when you have 1 javelin left, never throw your last javelin or resupplying will bug. Never jump while throwing a javelin.

    Not sure how to work around the weird weapon-spinning animation that sometimes plays after you throw a javelin which leaves you unable to do anything for several seconds. Seems completely random. This is the one that always gets me killed.

  • I find sometimes your Jav simply gets stuck and won’t throw, regardless I think the count of the amount you carry initially should be upped.

  • I mainly play as the javelineer class and throwing the javalin itself is very slow and is easy for the opponents to dodge. Also the time between throughing then switching too melee is way too slow :)

  • @chlywly:

    I find sometimes your Jav simply gets stuck and won’t throw

    This is the bug with resupplying when you run out of javelins. I haven’t experienced it in any other circumstance except sometimes upon respawning when I died with 0 javelins.

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