Well tier4

  • well , lets get straight to it.

    swords:broad sword: a bit stronger then the bigknife with a bit less reach
    axe:a long fast axe . same speed as wiking axe but weaker with long reach
    hammer : sledge: smaller version of maul , same release as grandmace, bit stronger but less reach.
    flail: one of tose two handed things used by farmers

    sword : heavy slow swords strong with much reach
    axe : battle axe : dont know the exact name but just a small double axe
    mace: club made out of metal strong fast but small reach
    quarterstaff: just a heavy one

    sword:long broad sword , betwen zweihänder and longsword in speed and dmg
    spear : short spear or javelin wich is not throwed with a shield
    pole: just a long doubleaxe
    heavy long hammer

    bow: thik longbow even stronger then warbow
    crossbow:even bigger crossbow,double amount of time as heavy one
    javelin: same as the short spear but longer reach
    sling: just give us something wich can actualy kill someone

    shortsword : a rapier
    dagger : a bowie knife

    jea that are my thier 4 weapons


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