How to Parrycounter

  • Hi, I have heared that you should be able to attack faster after a succesful parry, anyone care to share how thats done?

    Been testing it with a friend on an empty server. I used MAA with a broadsword, he was using knight with kiteshield and i think the mace. What we did is I let him attack, parried and tried to strike back as fast as possible using the standard swing (he was blocking it, the start all over). So I was pressing RMB for the parry and LMB for left swing the moment I heared the parry sound.

    We didnt notice any swing coming in faster.

    Did I do something wrong?

  • If you block a successful attack and stab/slash/overhead when the blocking sound applies it should strike immediately after that.

  • Does it matter if I still hold RMB or not?

    I tried not to, but might have…

  • Nope, just click RMB and immediatly throw an attack of your choice; if you parry lands, you will immediatly send out your swing. SoW stab counter is great with this.

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