Invisibility Bug

  • I went invisible. This is probably the rarest bug I’ve seen, so It’s not too worrying, but I do think it should be fixed.

    I have only seen this myself one other time, and that was due to exploits. No exploits, software, or commands. This was completely by accident, and I do not know how to (or if it’s possible) to recreate it.


  • I saw this happen to someone yesterday as well.

    It was pretty funny at first though. I just saw some of my teammates heads explode for no reason, and then my head popped as well:D

    The guy who was glitching out noticed it immediately, which is nice.

  • I had this glitch happen to me once several months ago… I spawned, killed two enemies (slightly curious as to why they were failing so badly at parrying simple combos) and then stood still as a group of enemies ran straight past me, none of them even turning to look at me.

    Weirdest part about it was random other players seemed to sometimes phase in and out of reality in a certain area in the middle of the map. I could tell that everyone else could see everyone else, and I could see most people most of the time, but nobody could see me. Was pretty trippy.

    I spent my invisibility time running around performing my civic duty (i.e. murdering filthy archers), as well as ghosting an enemy MaA named SlapChop and repeatedly kicking him as he freaked out and swung wildly at the air all around him (from this incident he ended up becoming my friend a day later when I found him in another game and tauntingly asked if he wanted me to kick him some more :P )

    I remained invisible for a total of about 6 minutes until I got hit by a couple stray Vanguard left clicks and died. Respawning ended the invisibility.

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