• Hey all, It’s Judas. You wouldn’t know me, but still. Thats me.

    Anyhow, I just started playing the game, (about 10 hours in), and was wandering if there were any pro’s around here that feel like telling me how to get better!

    Also, if anyone else is just picking up the game and wants to chat and play, feel free to message me on steam:D

    Steam name- Judas Meep :D

  • Well how do you usually play? We can work from there. What weapons do you like using.

    What always gets the better of you. 10 hours in you might not know all the steatagies that people use against you yet.

    Though there are some Mary tricks out there.

    Kiting: This is where you are fighting someone an they suddenly turn and run. As you chase them they turn around and attack you. This is a stratagy a few players use. But it completely relies on you flowing them. If you don’t follow them they will run away turn around and swing in the air. That’s the perfect opportunity for you to attack him. Of he is too far away just laugh at him using the ingame laugh.

    Swing and miss tactics: this works wonders against those pesky little MAAs (man at arms). The ones that use dodge a lot. Many of them will dodge towards you to attack you. Two handed weapons have faster combos than one handed weapons do. So if your a vanguard or knight with an reasonably fast 2 hander you miss with you first swing they dodge towards you and you combo into an overhand or stab. Provided they are not already in your face. Just LMB then scroll whell combo. Doesn’t matter which way you turn the scroll whelk stab or overhead is fine. Almost always they will dodge towards you and take a sword to the face. They might hit you but they shouldn’t be able to flinch you so your much higher damaging attack will hit them.

    Parry combos: this is just simply comboing off a parry. Very useful with fast weapons. Especially the fast two handed swords. The knights sword of war and the vanguards claymore. Both the second sword unlock for each. Parry into a stab is one of the fastest counter attacks. And it takes a very skilled player, or at least a very aware player to parry that back.

    Ducking/the matrix. Ducking is very good against horizontal strikes. But simply pushing the crouch button (control) won’t do. You have to look down as well. When you look around with the mouse pm your upper body moves around. Looking down makes you a much smaller target. So push crounch and lookdown to properly fun under attacks. Doesn’t work when your on the high ground. That’s when you jump. While you are ducking wind up for an attack. Then you can spring up when your attack starts to swing and hit them.
    Doing the matrix is good against stabs when you know that your at the end it range. Just look up to do it. Its also best to crouch while your doing it as well. Though I wouldn’t try this tactics untill you can recognise weapons and know how long their reach is.

    That’s pretty much the advanced combat mechanics. Could have thrown feints in their but I don’t use then much.

    Look at the tactics and tutorials section there is lots of useful stuff in their.

    And if you do want help with anything just ask.

  • Thanks for the reply man:D I am knowledgeable about the very basics of the game, and slowly learning; I play mainly man at arms, The mobility and combo-ing is ridiculous. Slowly learning each class as well. Thanks for the advice!

  • Just saw you in the game just a few seconds ago, heres some advice: Don’t lmb spam and try to use overheads and stabs :D

  • Got that part down. Trial and error, but i got it now. Thanks:D

  • Completing the in game training is actually useful. And it gives a bit of back story to the game. I don’t know if you have done it or not but to any other newb out there the training is helpful.

  • Don’t give up. Learn when to press your advantage and when to be patient. Watch how other people beat you and ask your self why you died. Watch how others play their weapons. Understand that every action you take is a risk, and find ways to minimize that risk as much as possible. Play with a variety of weapons after choosing what you feel most comfortable with, and learn all of the ranges and speeds of them. Learn to bait swings by stepping just barely into their comfort zone and back out, then punishing with your own attacks. Learn when and how to feint, and most importantly, learn how to remain ambiguous and non-predictable.


    This game is a ton of fun and full of laughs, but also can be very frustrating. Just remember why you’re playing the game to begin with and don’t let others discourage. Especially being a new player, when you face some really high ranked players, it may seem overwelming.

    (There are new official ranked servers up for ranks 1-20 if you ever want to try them out.)

  • You should go here. Lots of useful info and tactics. As others have said, practice more. Work on teamplay, timing and knowing when to jump in to the battle. Don’t rush yourself and watch your stamina!


    Don’t lmb spam

    Why not?

  • there are a few really good tutorials on youtube that got me started in a positive direction when i first started playing. i would recommend just sitting down when you have some extra time, and just watching some video tutorials first to get an idea in your head of what kind of tactics you can use.


    here’s a good one to get you started. Disregard anything about patches and fixes, because this stuff still for the most part applies regardless. It’s a little old but still very relevant and give you a good idea of the game mechs and tactics. He also has a basic tutorial, but this basically covers that, and some more advanced stuff.
    if you want to see some good duels, this is one of the best (that i know of)

    also check out my sig for my youtube, i haven’t really done any tutorial videos per se, but i have some decent gameplay ones, some focused duel videos… and you can check out my twitch stream as well whenever i’m online, and i’ll either be playing TO or Dueling for the most part… and when i duel, i duel for a LONG time, i use all the classes and change my weapons up so… i’m pretty well rounded.

    Try and test out as many classes/weapon combos you can and find the ones you like. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy the game

  • @Kimiko:


    This game is a ton of fun and full of laughs, but also can be very frustrating. Just remember why you’re playing the game to begin with and don’t let others discourage. Especially being a new player, when you face some really high ranked players, it may seem overwelming.

    I know it can sometimes be extreamly easy to get frustrated with any game that stakes your pride on the line, especially in a game as personal as this but I believe once people see how much fun your having, they can’t help but to start having even more fun then before (with a few exceptions)

    good luck, have fun and watch out for the angry cow god that roams the battlefield in search for a worthy opponent!

  • Didn’t think this thread would get much attention.

    Thanks for all the tips guys, look forward to playing with you!

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