Is combo interrupt bug still there?

  • I notice that I trade hits with someone and I often can’t start a combo but the enemy can. I think before this patch, the bug was that if you land hit FIRST, you can’t start the combo. It’s really annoying not being able to combo because you hit first.

    Is the bug fixed or is it still in the game?

  • The newest patch made it where you can’t combo if you’re hit during release, I believe.

  • Then how come when both players hit each other around the same time, one person can queue?

  • In my experience, it is no longer possible physically (yay!!!), but almost always it results in a ghost swing… (meh :x)

  • @SOC:

    The newest patch made it where you can’t combo if you’re hit during release, I believe.

    I’ve had times where people have hit me during release and I still combo and other times I can’t combo when hit, seems they added it, but it doesn’t seem to work consistently

  • i think even after the latest patch it can still happen, i haven’t seen it AS much but it’s happened to me a few times where my combo has been interrupted.

    The bug with the shields is still there as well.

  • You can still combo when hit (sometimes). Happens in both live and beta builds.

  • I belive this might come from really small time frames of the client or server not registering the hit BEFORE registering the combo queue.

  • It mostly interrupts, sometimes you can combo through it.

    Combo interrupt changes have messed up my melee fighting more than any other patch/change ever.

  • i confirmed today that you can still get interrupted in combo, and the ghost swings are still there, and the shield kick attack defensive player counter is still therre. HOWEVEr, the hotfix released WHILE i was playing so i have no idea now. HOPEFULLY all is well in the land of chivalry. WE HOPE. Go find the new bugs created now… maybe we can do the jitterbug now ;)

  • The last patch is what I am deeming “The Patch of Sometimes.”

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