Can't parry twice in a row!!!!

  • I just found out I can’t keep parrying like I used to. Sometimes I can parry twice in a row but most often I can’t parry the 2nd one. Is there a delay option you can change in config to adjust this?

  • You know they increased the time you can hold your parry, right? Try to parry quickly next time.

  • it is so that the other mechanics used in the game to avoid the parry have purpose. If you could parry everything, there wouldn’t be as much depth to the skill ceiling. You CAN still parry twice between certain combinations or attack types, but typically not.

  • This is going to encourage those silly circus tricks - sprinting in circles….

  • This thread is so confusing ;s

  • @Hitom:

    This thread is so confusing ;s

    Agreed, what are you mouth breathers even talking about? You can consecutively parry an unlimited number of times.

  • I’m not talking about blocking attacks.

    I would make a single player game or go in a multiplayer, then I would spam Right click to spam parry. Sometimes I would get two parries up right after the 1st one, while other times I have some delay between the 1st parry and 2nd parry. The RMB doesn’t register. I tried with a different mouse too. So I ruled the mouse out.

    More often than not, I experience this when I’m trying to sprint and holding shift.

    I think it has to do with the fact that parry queuing is disabled. I like that you don’t accidentally parry twice now, but sometimes this prevents parrying immediately again after the first one. The cooldown between parry is meaningless because of this since you won’t be getting exact 0.5 second cooldown. You end up with occasional 0.6+ second cooldown.

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