[TEAM] Tactics to disrupt attackers on TO

  • The purpose of this thread is to discuss tactics to disrupt the attacking side in a Team Objective game. This is different for each map, but there are some common themes.

    Stonehill is broken into 3 phases for the defending team.

    The best option is to prevent the enemy from being able to fulfil their objectives by pushing hard at them. The more of them that there are the harder this is to co-ordinate. But basically the objective should be to hold them back at their spawn. This is difficult because of the distances involved and the respawn times. It is achievable.

    Knights and Archers must form the main thrust. Working together and moving up the middle of the objective they should aim to disrupt the main rush of the Masons and expect some casualties. The Kinghts with Tower Shields and a two-hander sword in main hand (by pressing “1”) can thrust(mousewheel “up”) and overhand(mousewheel “down”) in a line. Archers can work with the knights to give them the opportunity to strike the killing blow. Headshots are great, but a guaranteed body shot that will buy a Knight time is valuable as well.

    There should also be some Vanguard and MAA acting as skirmishers. Vanguards should attempt to protect the flanks of the Archers and Knights picking up stragglers and preventing the main body from being flanked. MAAs, on the other hand, should be trying to out flank the enemy. Sweeping up the sides of the main body in a wide movement and then striking from the side or ideally from behind. This will disrupt the flow of the attackers causing them to fail.

    It is hard to kill villagers and burn buildings when you can’t get very far from your spawn.

    What to do when you die:
    If you are an Archer of Knight: Rejoin the main body.
    If you are a Vanguard: Sweep slightly wide and rejoin the main body.
    If you are a MAA: Sweep wide and attack the flanks and rear.

    What to do if you encounter an enemy on your run back:
    Kill them and go back to the original plan. Take time to heal and regain stamina before continuing.

    What to do when it all goes wrong and everyone dies:
    Wait reform as a group then push again.

    Knight = Tank
    Archers = Tank Support
    Kinghts + Archers = Main Body
    Vanguard = Flank support for main body
    MAA = Berserkers; Archer killing disruptors.

    This is my plan for phase 1. It is not perfect and assumes a certain level of coordination and leadership.

    Please make suggestions and comment to help refine this strategy. I will update the next phase if there is enough interest.

  • One vanguard with a polearm or zwei should stay one with the main body staying slightly behind the fight but ready to lend a stab, plug holes or take out large pockets of enemies.

    If the vanguard has to move to the line, archers behind him should come in for melee support until the line can reform. Yes I said archers and melee support in the same sentence.

  • I do like the idea of a supporting player with enough reach to “plug the holes”. Especially if that player is experienced enough to know when to attack and when to let the tanks do the work.

    I couldn’t agree more about the archers being prepared to switch to melee. Having that kind of fluid force will cause all kinds if havoc to the attackers. Like this:

    Enemy Van breaks through the line with a stunning LMB, LMB, LMB combo and archers are exposed.
    Archer #1 swaps to melee and draws him into a block battle.
    Archers #2&3 pepper him with arrows until dead.
    Archers revert to taking pot shots at attacking wave.

    Something like that.

  • Nice tactic.
    What is the plan against that one lone guy who manages to sneak past by going to the left at the start of the match? I have managed to complete the first objective almost solo by jumping down of of the hill and attacking the left hand side (Offensive POV), where the torches are - Sometimes I never even run into an enemy in that section.
    Might be good to have one of your best players laying back near the torches to pick up the sneaky guys?

  • @BillDoor:

    Yes I said archers and melee support in the same sentence.

    In my opinion the best archers are the ones that are just as good or better at ruining you in melee than at range, so that being “caught with their pants down” isn’t a bad thing because that just means it’s easier for them to fuck you. But that’s just me.

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