Common Bugs, Exploits and Hacks.

  • Hello, these are some of the bugs (and exploits) I’ve encountered so far and have not been fixed.

    1. Camera shaking at the end of the match,
      There’s not really much I can say about this apart from it perhaps being related to the IK-legs.

    2. Invisible name exploit can cause ALL text to disappear for the entirety of the match.
      Adding the character “<” to your steam-name will make it invisible,
      and once you speak during a match - all text thereafter is gone!

    3. The annoying Overhead exploit,
      The exploit in which people lean forward during an Overhead, it will instantly hit the other player and the other player will never see the hit on their own client - it’s like the lean works on your own client but the lean is never sent to the server??

    4. Speed hack, memory hacks and other faggotery related hacks,
      Seriously - why the heck on earth is everything client-sided in this game?
      A melee game from 1999 did a better job at preventing client-side hacks, by having all the hit detection on the server… And lag NEVER caused any problems, in fact, it was so great I need to name the game which is: Rune.
      You can’t really blame the hacker even… When a game from 1999 (Unreal Engine 1) is able to make perfect melee detection on the server-side why couldn’t chivalry achieve this? And Don’t tell me it’s an issue about bandwidth or server being overloaded whatever.

    Alright, I guess that’s it for now.

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