Riuuii Redbeard's Suggestion Sandwich.

  • I decided to do a compilation of lots of ideas rolled together into one thread rather than filling up the forums with many other, Some ideas listed are from a while back and am not too keen on them now and with balance issues.

    1.Spear and Shield Class.
    After seeing a thread about this be be implemented as just a new weapon I disagree, I thought it would be much better to be added as a Class the reasons are, It cannot be for Archer due to all his Melee weapons are tiny daggers nor Maa as his arsenal consists of short and fast weapons mainly for slashing. Vanguard couldn’t due to his lack of shield but would be best of for him and knight has a completely different play style.
    It should be a new class with all those ruled out and the spear and shield were the most common combination on the battlefield in which chivalry lacks.

    2.War Scythe.
    The War Scythe is a farming tool developed into a military weapon, similar to Vanguards Fork it would be most suited for Vanguard due to long reach, It has right date to Chivalry’s time as well.

    3.Hand cannon.
    This is as the title says, It would be Archer only this would have a very slow reload but rewards with damage it would also come with a +x projectile deviation making it suitable for small maps.

    4.Punching Dagger. (NOT KATAR)
    This is a dagger connected to the fist with leather straps around the wrist it was obviously a thrusting weapon in service around 1100 ad this isn’t a very well known weapon .

    5.Customisable Shields.
    Get custom paint on your shield or emblems to represent a clan or spot a friendly easily in battle like a true Viking!

    Everybody should have access to mounts perhaps you could attack wielding 1 hander weapons if not too unrealistic and Archer cannot press CTR or whatever your bind is to zoom due to it being hard to focus on a horse and balance.

    7.“Slay The Giant”
    This is more in depth on the thread dedicated to it but there are 2 teams as usual but there is 1 guy (giant) on the other they both have to try and wipe out the other team first similar to LTS in this game mode ballistas and catapults should have a use, on direct hit they stun him for a few secs and high damage. The Giant can also 1 hit everybody except knight (to give his attribute an advantage)
    (If you have by any chance played TF2 hale mod this is about it)

    Everybody loves beards you should be able to have a beard and the more kills you get the longer it grows and pros will have beards to their toes to show off their manliness.

    I may get round to listing more. Apologies if this is hard to understand, I am not writing this on a pc so it is a lot harder and no images
    say whatever you think…

  • I like that class idea. :)
    What about longaxe? Longer than knight axes but shorter than polearms. :)
    Would it fit that class? Or just straight to vanguards arsenal or not even be added to the game. :|

  • 1. What about the javelineer?

    2. Would a vanguard really be holding an improvised weapon? It just doesn’t seem right. His current arsenal is obviously superior to an improvised weapon that was intended for peasants with limited access to proper weapons.

    3. So it will be half based on chance/luck? Doesn’t seem too different to the last crossbow.

    4. Would this be a secondary or fists? Is it necessary? Wouldn’t it be slightly OP?

    5. A good idea, but custom designs should not deviate too far from the default Agathian or Mason coat of arms.

    6. No horses please. Difficult to implement, terrain is too uneven for smooth animations and it would cause for reiteration of the balance of current weapons/mechanics.

    7. Mod only. It would break the immersion of Chivalry.

    8. What.

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