Left Swing - No Special Button?

  • Steve, thanks for the insightful answer on my previous post.

    I did not mean to comment on the game engine, just button mappings.

    I want to boil it down to 1 specific issue.

    Attacks in all 4 directions are offered:
    Overhead = Mouse Wheel Down
    Thrust = Mouse Wheel Up
    Right Swing = Left Mouse Button
    Left Swing = No special button, only as follow up “combo” to Right Swing

    Why give me ability to chose 3 directions, but cripple my ability to use the 4th direction immediately?

    If I’m standing by a wall on my right, I don’t want to hit from the right because it will hit the wall, I want to hit from the left.

    P.S. when I said “stick with the program” I meant like WASD mappings - I like your idea of having individual button mappings instead of using mouse to aim; it always crippled actual aiming.

    P.S.S. Loving the game; was #1 on West server last night :P

  • Developer

    I’m pretty sure you should read this thread as it was already covered in detail:


    If I am wrong please clarify and I’ll try to answer more specifically.

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