Few ideas - Modes and Weapons

  • Hi there! I’ve been playing Chivalry for quite some time now, and I have some ideas. These are only suggestions, so don’t criticize too much ;) And sorry for my bad English.

    I. MODES
    1.Rescue the Princess
    It’s like a Free For All, but actually in this one you have to complete the task to win. At the beginning all players spawn outside a tower, and they have to reach the top of it, where the princess is. It won’t be easy, since everyone tries to interrupt each other. Also, tower has traps in it, for example when a player pulls the lever, people behind him end up falling down through hole in the floor :) No dragons, I wonder, but I think, that it would be hard enough to move spawn points higher, when someone reaches certain point in tower.
    2.Kill them, generals!
    Two teams are trying to eliminate enemy, but at certain point a player with the highest score at each team becomes a General, which is someone with a king-like health. Also, he would grant some boosts to allies close to him, but in front lines he would be in danger. Goal: eliminate enemy general or all reinforcements.
    Since the Mason Order captured the city, the inhabitants have become frightened. But no longer - they asked for help Agatha Knights! Now, in the shades of night, Agathians are able to come inside undetected. But can they rescue the city? On this map players on both teams must control certain places. More places under control = faster incoming of points. Wins the team who has reached required score.
    4. Fists Duel
    Because why not?
    5. Map with only sling available
    Add some zero gravity and you can call it helicopter warfare!

    After the patch few weapons were added, but I think that their stats could be better, that’s for sure. Also, why not make new primary weapon lines, with kills needed to unlock, etc. etc.? Here some ideas:
    -Slingshot - it’s slower with reloading, but has more power than regular sling.
    -Slingshot Crossbow - has a little lower stats than the Crossbow, but it shoots blunt projectiles, so it makes it better against heavy armored.
    2.Man At Arms
    -Swordstaff - a bit slower than the Quarterstaff, but has a blade on top of it (or maybe on both sides, it depends ;) ).
    -Spetum - same as Swordstaff, but it also has two spikes on both sides of the blade. It deals only pierce damage, so it’s perfect against Vanguards.
    -Pole Cleaver - has a massive cleaver-like blade, deals swing-blunt damage.
    -Goedendag - very slow weapon, deals blunt-pierce damage. I mean the variant that is shown here:
    -Two-Handed Flail - I think I don’t have to explain.

  • the Goedendag could be an “upgrade” of the polehammer i think?

  • I don’t know if it should be called upgrade, I simply want those laetst weapons as parts of primary unlockables. In case of Vanguard, something that deals blunt, or partially blunt damage. Also, it would be the same as, for example, swords for knight. Of course you can call Messer upgraded Longsword, but it’s not quite it.

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