Shield bash bugg

  • When you shield bash someone and it still blocks…

    Fix it as soon possible

    thank you

  • Proof or didn’t happen. ;)

  • You have to shield bash them when they’re actively blocking.

  • @SlyGoat:

    You have to shield bash them when they’re actively blocking.

    Actually, Slygoat, this has happened to me before as well. I have kicked them, they have been dazed but then they have miraculously got out of it before they should have and then blocked my attack.

    It doesn’t happen often - I’d say like 1 in 50 - but it does happen very, very occasionally.

  • Don’t listen to them sly, they are lying! The thing you need to fix, is the stab through shield bug.

  • you just didn’t time your attack fast enough. Remember. it’s not a guaranteed hit… they will eventually recover, so you have to hit them RIGHT after the kick to get a guaranteed hit… it’s not just served up on a silver plate for you (well, it kind of is).

    Circling around to their backside is also a good waay to guarantee your success. Also, if they don’t have a shield or their shield isn’t up… you won’t have as much time.

  • I get people spamming kick against me all the time when I don’t have my shield up. I’m not sure if they’re just hoping to catch me whilst blocking or don’t understand that it only works if I’m blocking.

    Also sometimes you can avoid the free hit even if you have been kicked when blocking. Especially if they’re using a slow weapon and you duck, you sometimes have enough time to recover from the daze. Or they might miss because you ducked.

    Lastly, it might look like you’ve kicked them whilst they’re blocking but if they see the kick animation they have a split second to drop the shield and be kicked in the balls instead.

  • Nope, this indeed a bug that happens sometimes, infrequently. I’ve also seen it happen in team play, where my buddy would kick and stun someone using a shield and it still blocks. Here’s the kicker though, I would be behind the same guy and we would attack at the same time or even staggered a bit, and even the guy attacking from behind would also be blocked.

  • When you shield bash someone and it still blocks…

    Actually this would be a good feature to have… I must confess that I used shield basing a few times not a long ago and was always hit if enemy was attacking at the same time, so I can’t confirm this bug existing.

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