Cannot find servers, tried the fixes

  • Have tried opting into the steam beta. Did nothing.

    I am running AVG antivirus but I’ve been running that long before this server issue became a problem. I’ve also tried disabling that, and my firewall and running the game. Nothing.

    Windows 7 troubleshooter did nothing and found no issues

    I’m rather lost on what to do and have been unable to play this game for quite some time. When this server issue first arose I figured I’d play something else till an update came out to fix it. Lo’ and behold with the patches here I still am having the same issues…been well over a month, probably close to two months or so that I’ve been unable to play.

    Below is DxDiag collected and attached. I’d post my Launch Log but it’s 1.09 MB large and the max file size is 1MB apparently…not sure what to do there.

  • You have to opt OUT of the beta.

    Uncheck participate in beta and the game should re-download. If not, restart Steam and it should download.

  • I was originally out of the beta. Game updated, tried playing. No luck

    Check the forums, opted into the beta, still no luck

    Edit: Have opted back out of the beta, have restarted steam, tried and again, no luck

  • Try deleting the Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games.

    You might also want to try using the alternate server browser

  • Deleting the entire folder seems to fix it for one game.

    Upon deletion all the servers re-appear and I have to re-adjust my settings, set it to fullscreen, etc.
    However once I leave that match and attempt to find another game the server browser is blank yet again.

    I’ve been testing it for a while now and it’s worked this way every time.

    …which means if I want to play I have to delete this folder each time, re-adjust settings, and put into fullscreen mode, lol. Annoying but at least the game is somewhat working now. Of course if anyone knows a fix for this I’d be more than willing to try it out

  • That is weird. Is anything checked in the server brower filter?

  • Not when I first start it up. When looking for a game however I usually put it on a ping limit of 100, the game type I want to play, and check the boxes for no empty, full, or password servers.

    Even when this issue occurs however I have tried resetting the filter, reloading it, refreshing every step of the way. Nothing works.

  • I don’t use the server filter because that’s usually when weird things happen. If you can join a game then you are playing the new release. If it was me, my next step would be to uninstall the game using Windows Control Panel, restart the computer and then reinstall using Steam. Maybe someone else has a better suggestion.

  • Still nothing. Even after uninstalling the game I checked around and deleted the leftover folders then restarted again. Upon installing the issue persists and it’s only solution it seems is delete that folder and re-adjust my game every time I want to play a match.

    What’s really annoying is joining a match to find out the community in the server are all rude asshats. Using sexist and racial slurs and screaming over a mic as well as complaining non-stop for each time they’re killed over how unfair or glitchy the game gets rather annoying. So I either have to turn chat off or again, quit, delete folder, start game, configure again, join another server and hope for the best…

    Feel like this game is gonna be “shelved” for a while…again.

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