Wake me when this game is worth playing.

  • I don’t consider myself Korean-starcraft serious about this game, but I do like the idea and wanted to move on from Mount and Blade: Warband.

    At first I was like most of you, enjoying the pseudo mindless action and appreciating the often picturesque fighting that can occur. However as time went on I noticed things weren’t getting better, I had bought the game right after beta and I assumed some kind of progress would be made on the game in some time after it’s launch but as of today there remain so many game breaking bugs that continue to occur as of today.

    The core gameplay is akin to Gunz in that glitches and bugs dictate what the meta will be instead of strategies and skill. That’s not the immersive medieval gameplay I was looking for. Glitches in fact appear at such a rapid rate that I can barely keep up with them, I’m left with nearly 700 hours of play time and no idea players are doing to completely destroy me.

    Game balance hasn’t been touched in months, CU-1 was supposed to be our hope and the most effect it had was more bugs and more imbalance. Now we cling to moderators and fanboys telling us that “next patch” will be better, that torn banner has no time due to geographical relocations; but they had time before, they patched before, and nothing really got better. Did they fix that pesky halberd? Yes, but core game mechanics remain unbalanced. As I said the game is based around bugs for anyone who wants to win, while things like stabdragging aren’t exactly glitches, the mechanic sucks.

    Maps have more collision issues than I would think possible, balance for maps is almost nonexistant. I could go on but there’s no point, there are plenty of threads about the problems. I really hope that the absentee devs can get their act together so that this game can be a real gem of it’s genre instead of something another game can take a few things from and “do right”.

  • Wake up.

  • Holy wall of text batman.

    Didn’t read it; bye.

  • Just going to say, I think you should wake up as you’re missing a lot of fun.

    Maybe it has something to do with the players in American(?) servers and the way they play.
    In Australia, I don’t have any issues playing every night against an array of people. The only ones that annoy me are the lookdown OH players with the Bardouche/other exploity weapons, super mega combo feinters and foreign laggers that join matches with 350+ ping. Otherwise, every hour I have played this game has been fun.

    Sure you get mad when you die/make mistakes when you’re about to win a fight but stuff up, or just perhaps play like shit one night, doesn’t mean the whole game is crap.
    Some nights I get home from work and my reflexes and gameplay is that of a level 10, until I warm up at least. I get super frustrated but once I get into the zone, I can’t stop playing.

    Most people are extremely happy with this game, so maybe you should persist at playing it or just uninstall this, Steam, Windows, sell your computer and go become a bible salesman or something?

  • Does this game have bugs/problems? Yeah, but what game doesn’t? The CU1 patch is the first of patches that the team will be putting out to fix whatever issues there are. So it’s not like they are neglecting the community. Currently, as we all know, they are in the process of moving the studio over, which is no small task. Especially since I’m sure some of them come from out of country.

    The game gets patched as much as possible with the resources they have. They’re not a big team and considering that most of bug work is done with programmers, you’re looking at maybe 2-3 people who can really do something, so the bugs won’t be as fixed as everyone is probably used to when compared to big studios.

    There has been map balances and they’re getting better, along with other gameplay problems. As the moderators have said multiple times, it really is just a waiting game because that’s all we can do. The team is working as hard as they possibly can to get everything out for us.

    I definitely think that once they are fully settled into their new studio, we’ll be seeing a lot more. Now that they can actually all work together in the same room, the efforts and efficiency should go up by double for sure.

    The game mechanics to me are fairly balanced and there is strategy to this game, its’ a matter of learning some. Anyone can always figure out a way to conquer certain problems with the tools/attacks they have regardless of what state you think the game may be in.

    Although this game has been out for a while now, this is really the beginning of watching the game grow and develop into something better and better. Whether you or others actually want to stick around is your choice. The game right now is pretty good so far overall and the only way from here is up. I’m sorry if you feel like this game isn’t worth playing because I think for every person that thinks it isn’t, there’s 10 or more that think it is worth it.

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