High-level MAA stream and huge LAN-party

  • Hey,

    I’m Sharli Chop’em from the IO clan and I’ve recently started streaming chivalry and have been consistently doing so ever since. Just thought I’d post here as I believe some people may be interested in this kind of thing (I know I was). I will be improving the quality of the actual stream, by buying a capture card and better ram, and also polish the page design as time goes by. You can expect to see a PUG-scrim or two, clan training, public games and some more in the future.
    The main purpose of this post is to inform you of the fact that I’m leaving for 3 days tomorrow to take part in Sweden’s 2nd largest LAN-party where I will not only be streaming normal chivalry gameplay but also a plethora of different games and possibly a chivalry tournament I’ve arranged myself. I’ll also have a half-decent webcam with me in case you want to take a look around.


  • 2nd largest?

    Not dreamhack? What is it?

  • It’s called Birdie and it’s situated in Uppsala. Around 1000-1500 people are coming if I recall correctly.

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