ETAs on Patches - Suggestion

  • Hi!

    I’ve been lurking around the forums for quite some time and I understand that it is TB policy to not have a release date for patches. Probably because they do not wish to compromise quality due to having a time-frame.

    I suggest you reconsider. Having a release date, or at least an ETA, will calm the fan-base. Many of the players interested in Chivalry are waiting for a patch to address x and x issues, the wait for the patch feels much longer when one doesn’t know when the patch will ever come. In short, having a ETA on patches will not only lead to more customer satisfaction to those who are active, it will also potentially lower the amount of players who leave the game without planning to return.

  • I agree, I know the bi-monthly newsletter somewhat addresses the new and upcoming changes. But perhaps an eta for each patch would help the community. I have no idea on how it would actually impact the community or for whatever reasons it isn’t announced to begin with for that matter but maybe it would be a good idea.

  • Hell no please not. The last time TBS rushed a patch out to meet their “we will release it in january” eta we got a shitton of bugs we are still suffering from today (namely CU1). They are releasing patches just let them do it. Rushing them means new bugs. New bugs is the least thing this game needs.

  • In my experience regarding the release of patches is that the developers themselves don’t know when they are going to release them. You can’t set a time frame to fix bugs as you often don’t know the solution straight away. Companies who do release dates for patches often don’t release path notes beforehand. So they can release what ever they have achieved by that date.

    Torn banner releases patch notes beforehand. So they actually have to fix those things. They don’t know when they are going to be finished. There is no possible way to know how long it will take. At best you could probably nail it down to a specific week of th month rather than a specific day. To be on be safe side the month is usually mentioned.

  • Unfortunately there are too many jerks who complain like nothing else if it is just one day overdue or missing one fix.

  • Yay the new “weekly newsletter” renders my post mute!

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