Lowering the Javelin from throwing position

  • When you hold the LMB to prep a javelin throw, you can hold it there as long as you want with no issue. You can then press Q to lower it without throwing it just like deknocking arrows.

    Here’s the part that confuses me. If you stand still and prep a javelin then press Q, you simply lower it back to your idle position. Same goes for if your sprinting straight forward. If you press any other key while prepped, however, your character spazzes a little bit and appears to reequip the javelin when you try to lower it.

    Why the discrepancy? I understand if the intention was to discourage javelin players from running around in the ready position all the time, but somehow I am not convinced this is what was planned. It takes significantly longer to lower the weapon this way and makes closer range throws harder to guage when I don’t know how long it will take to lower my spear.

    Javelins are already awkward enough to play with, and this little aspect of the weapon seems really out of play and a little unnecessary in my eyes. Thoughts?

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