S.f Sanguinem et Ferrum

  • Dost thou covet WENCHES?

    Dost thou enjoyeth MEADE?

    Sanguinem et Ferrum does not have these things, although you can still kill, maim, plunder, and wallow in the blood of thine own enemies with us!

    We are a bunch of rag tag militiamen, 21 strong, looking for skilled new members to chop some heads with. We have a strong sense of community, and play together almost every day.

    We scrim regularly, take part in tournaments, and welcome any new recruits! We also enjoy, more often than not, just hanging out and playing together for fun (it isn’t all about competition, you know!)

    We offer
    -A 16 slot server based in New York
    -Mumble server
    -Clan website

    Requirements to join (we can’t just let in any old chump)
    -Good at the game
    -willing to play competitively on a regular basis
    -Not obnoxious/rude/disrespectful
    -open to constructive criticism/desire to improve

    Questions/comments/want to join? Contact:
    S.f | Scary
    S.f | Ðigital
    S.f | Fraylor

    Server: S.f | Sanguinem et Ferrum | All Games Types
    Mumble server: sanguinem.murmur.nfoservers.com Port: 6970


    See you on the battlefield!


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