[Dev Action Needed] - Taunt voice stays in place.

  • Found this one today.

    An ally of mine did a x + (number) taunt and right after it started running really fast, I believe he was a MaA. The taunt was one of those longer ones and the sound coming from his mouth didn’t keep up with him, rather the taunt stayed playing in that spot where it was started.

    This created a really weird scenario when the MaA ran past me to the left, yet I kept hearing the taunt on my right (where the guy was when he started doing it), yet when I turn right there’s no one there. This has gone unnoticed atleast from me since usually people who taunt stand still, usually after killing the enemy. :D

    It’s 6.08AM my time and I have no friends ( :( ) to play with so unfortunately I can’t recreate the scenario at the moment.

  • We’re aware of it :) we’ll do our best to fix it.

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