Breaking shields, Size-based blocking.

  • You have found… a +2 Magical Shield of Unbreaking Fervor!

    I paint this picture:

    You’re running through the village as a lowly vanguard, armed with nothing but your trusty great sword… when SURPRISE! Here comes a MAA with his pathetic round shield. Surely my massive blade could cleave that little hunk of oak in twain?!?? Sorry, no.

    Shields are not invulnerable, but I can’t tell you how many times a knight is saved simply because, when used correctly, they always work. It makes little sense that an archer’s buckler could stand up to having a knight thrash it with a maul.

    They should break. The archer shield should break with less damage; and the knights tower shield with the most. How annoying it is; that a javelin-ier survives a dozen halberd strikes because he has a magic shield.

    Weapon Disparities in Blocking/Parrying

    Similarly, I had to laugh today when a MAA pulled out his butter knife and blocked an attacking knight’s grand mace… twice. The MAA then proceeded to eviscerate the knight, as if he were simply cutting a few flowers from the garden. Such a large force would probably tear off the receiver’s hand, possibly leave him staggered… or at least knock the weapon out of his hand.

    Such disparate weapons shouldn’t be an option in open combat. Trying to block a full halberd swing with a broad dagger would get you killed on a medieval battlefield. Thus attacks from heavy weapons, when blocked by extremely light weapons, should simply be ignored, or they should significantly stagger and partially injure the recipient. A dagger shouldn’t be a match for anyone with a big sword (Unless they can dodge, figuratively or with the actual MAA ability.)

    Thanks for Chivalry!

  • Can we get another shield at an ammo box? Would kinda suck if you had no way of getting a shield for the rest of your life since it broke.

  • Of course! I would also like to see the ability to pick up the unbroken shields of fallen enemies and comrades. I could go on for a while, but there would have to be a way to get a new shield in the same life… it just makes sense.

  • I agree, make Jav Archer even more useless and underpowered.

  • The game already has size based blocking with sheilds. The hit boxes on them are slightly bigger than he actual model but it is sized base blocking.

    With weapons how ever its all stamina based with the actual parry being the same for all weapons. It would be highly unfair for the lighter classes not being able to block and hose particular weapons and classes used less because of it.

    And since shields have different sizes the buckler is the hardest to block with. Harder than a parry. There are few skilled javilineers out there and very few skilled buckler users. Even then the good buckler users would rather put it away. The javilineer is the most OP class loadout according to some people.

    That’s what I like about this game. One group of people say something is over powered while a different group says its underpowered. Means this game is far more reliant on skill rather than weapon stats. Pretty much every weapon has been called OP and UP at the same time. That’s perfect balance.

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