How to keep the community informed

  • Torn banner is terrible at this, so I figured I’d help them.

    I think now that they’re moving into an office, its a great time for them to put aside their huge list of bad habits (remember the alpha bar that never moved, till it got removed) and start doing things properly.

    The team Wolffire games are developing a game called Overgrowth, their own engine, all art assets, and a bunch of other small indie games.

    Approximately once a week, it varies, there is a video uploaded showcasing all changes to the game, as well as occasional art asset updates.

    That is how to convey things to the community. You’re welcome.

    Much more useful to everyone than a Q/A about gore or a 40 minute audio interview no sane human, and not even me, could summon up the patience to watch.

    TB’s youtube for comparison … rid&view=0

  • I don’t understand why they didn’t offer you the community manager position due to your stellar communication, positive attitude and overwhelming support for the product !

  • They do a pretty good job of updating their facebook page.

  • TBS will give an update on what they are doing and what they are up to every friday ;)

  • Torn banner’s terrible at it?

    You obviously haven’t seen many other development and publishing companies.

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