Suggestion for a New Game / Mod

  • Make the same exact game as you have now…only call it: "Bushido"

    Change it to samurais vs ninjas

    Same exact game play, new weapons

    Shuriken (Throwing stars, darts)
    Katana (Samurai Sword)
    Makibishi (Caltrops)
    Yumi (Bow & Arrow)
    Metsubushi (Blinding Powder) (Often kept inside hollow egg shells and thrown at eyes)
    Shikomizue (Sword disguised as a cane)
    Kusarigama (Chain & Sickle)
    Tachi, Tanto, Wakazashi, Katana, Nodachi, Tetsubo, Yari, Nagamaki, Naginata, Hankyu, Daikyu, and Kusarigama, and Otsuchi Manto

    Wouldn’t really be hard at all to do new models , change environment to cherry blossom’s and Japanese landscapes, and make new weapons. Would be same engine and should be relatively easy to do while being FREAKIN AWESOME and potentially adding a lot of player base for the ninja factor

  • i did not see that till you posted it.

    now…i am happy ^_^

    close thread plz

  • Man, this guy.

    Biggest stereotyper ever.

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