Being vote kicked on entry

  • Being vote kicked on entry to a FAA server

    There’s three people on #03 SA FFA server right now that are kicking people as soon as they join the game.

    Please fix these people.

    Didn’t get a chance to see their names sorry.

    Got two of their names:

  • Wow, this is EXACTLY what happened to me! Three people as well, probably some friends controlling it:/

  • I have a better idea. How about we ban you from ever posting on these forums again?

    Give their mothers a call and tell on them.

    Seriously though, take your petty bullshit elsewhere.

  • Slight, that was uncalled for.

    And giantyak, that is a private server, thus you need to contact the admin of that server (no idea how to tell who is the admin though), but please do not post these things on the forums unless they are related to the official servers, as we can’t do anything about that.


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