One-hand PierceBlunt/Blunt vs SwingBlunt

  • For the Man-at arms weapon of choice, he has two catagories that can have a quite interesting comparison, that would be the PierceBlunt/Blunt vs SwingBlunt, or easily refered to as Mace vs Axe.

    Both of these weapon catagories have their own weapons which seems fairly even to one and another, they are mostly favoured for their low HTK against more armoured opponents, hence why they are used before the One-handed swords.

    A fair comparison would be that:
    Axes in general are metal head piece attached to a stick, whilst mace are usually in full steel, with the exception of the Holy water sprinkler. So by that the axe should have a speed advantage due to being ligther than fully metal maces.

    And since Maces are heavier, they deal a higher damage which makes pretty much sense, but to get to the point of the explaination, I’ve discovered a big error where Maces are appearently faster at stabbing than Axes. Why did Torn Banner give the Maces more speed then axes? due to their already higher damage cause they poke with a metal end, or piercing spike with morning star and holy water sprinkler, it makes no sense to me why they also should be somewhat faster, I’d suggest mace stab to be slowed down, whilst axes should take their place.

    There has been a lot of complains about how stupid the Holy water sprinkler and Flanged mace stabs are, a very powerful flinch tool for both Man-at arms and Knights who favour one-hander style.

    Also the War Axe should have a higher pierce damage than it currently has, cause it does have a long pointy edge afterall?

    Took Torn Banner long enough to change its stab attack to Pierce, but they still left somewhat unfinished stuff with the axes.

    Please share your opinions and thoughs.

  • Only hatchet is 0.05 faster at stabbing than Flanged Mace and Holy-water sprinkler, doesn’t make too much sense.

  • Well you are right but this exact topic topic is discussed right now in “blunt weapons stabbing” (or something like that.

    Basically it is pure nonsense that axes and maces (and only the 1h ones) have ridiculous fast stabs. Flanged mace and holy water sprinkler stabs have the fastest possible windup (0.3s) in the game(!!). Their stabs are faster than the hunting knife stab (0.35s windup), which does not make ANY sense. Neither for balance nor realism nor whatever reasons.

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