Kick improvement

  • Right now I don’t see many people using it …
    I’m not chiv expert but comon, you have to admit that it’s really slow and it cost so much stamina for what it does…

    Why don’t we try to improve it and make people want to use it more…?

    Here are my thoughts :

    • Make it a litle bit faster and reduce also a litle bit the stamina cost
    • Allow it to be used as a fast counter-attack after a parry
    • Allow the jump kick (I know that alot of people already asked for it). Right now, you can still do jump kick but its damn hard to use since you have to kick when you are almost down from your jump. Make it more simple.

    And the most important :

    • Allow to kick when you are recovering from a parry so you still have a chance against feint.
      It could be the answer for all those players who complain about feints… This would give you an extra chance to escape from a feint if u have good reflex.

    Opponent: Attack then feint
    You: Parry for nothing
    Opponent: 2nd attack
    you: kick during the recovery of your parry

    We could also think about an alternative kick since we have this alternative button…

    • One kick to break the guard
    • One kick to push the opponent far from u

    These were just my thoughts… not complaining :-)

  • They already talked about adding second kick which is fast. This one is a specific tool against shield turtles or as a shield bash.

  • I would like to aim my kick. Comes handy in some situations. Anyways kicking feels bit strange because kicks won’t actually hit the target if you are not in the same height as he/she is. :|

  • I think kick needs to be speed up, nobody even in heavy knight armour could take that long to perform it.

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