[WEP] Grand Mace - What´s its role?

  • Hello, lords,
    so I´ve spent last 2 days playing with this brutal weapon and I have mixed feelings about. First, let´s state the positives and negatives of this mace:

    + Power

    This weapon reliably 2 shots everything. All 4 classes using slashes and overheads.

    + - Range

    + - Speed

    So to me it feels like a one trick pony: it´s got the power but medium range and medium speed. It´s a very simple weapon and easy to pickup: Just use slashes and overheads, throw a couple feints in there and you can do pretty decently. I should also mention it can one-shot archers with an overhead headshot. You can use the stab to engage vanguards and 2 shot them if you combo into slash or overhead. The parry counters with the grand mace are quite poor: slow and obvious.

    The best secondary for the grand mace is one of the swords. You already have a blunt weapon so you might as well take a cutting weapon, I recommend the broadsword for it can consistantly 2 shot MAAs and archers. Your secondary is all what you wanna be using when going up against very skilled Men at arms and archers who really know what they´re doing. The broadsword has similar reach as the grand mace so you may want to switch to it to get speed.

    I´ve played with the grand mace FFAs and did well, I´ve also played TO and did decently but I was always like: “I wish I had my sword of war. I could have been more efficient there.”

    I am really unsure what role does the grand mace have on the battlefield. You cant really go too much front line combat because you have no shield and poor range. Going lone-wolfing ? Or 2nd line as a clean-up guy?

    That´s where I need your help, guys, how do you play with the grand mace ? :)

  • Grand mace is meant to do damage, period. The way we ran it was Height gave a hard hit with that thing then kept himself safe with a more defensive posture, while I would go nuts with my sword of war on wounded enemies. Or if not me, a MAA would be close by to finish the job. Grand mace is amazing at making a strong Knight become a soft target for anyone to clean up. (that is more 8v8).

    For 5v5 LTS, it works very similar with discipline and target swapping, because if I swap to a grand mace’s target, I know I can mop him up quick since he is pretty hurt.

  • It doesn’t have medium speed among 2Hers, it’s got 0.5 seconds of windup on the overhead and 0.525 on the slash.

    That’s essentially SoW/Longsword speeds. In comparison, Dane Axe speeds for overhead (0.4) and slash (0.45) are faster, but only by about 100ms and Dane Axe is shorter and doesn’t two-shot everything in existence yet is still considered too strong by a lot of people.

  • hello,
    I am a big fan of the maul, which is similar to the grand mace, and i have to say it’s not as bad as it seems. the speed sucks, but you have to learn it’s timing and distance, and it wont be so bad. Also it’s best to treat it with a counterattacking type of mind set.

    walk backwards to get Maa, knights, and archers to walk into your attacks. for vanguards and their superior range. I like to try to get them to whiff, then sprint into range to get some hits in.

    as for the grand mace being bad at counters, when someone does a horizontal swing from their right, turn into the swing and parry, so that your right shoulder is facing your opponent. start a normal horizontal swing of your own, and when your windup ends, should put the maul on the left side of their face/shoulder, and the slightest movement of your swing should just catch them causing full damage in a short movement. It can be parried, but it has a good chance of connecting.

    not sure if this is a known tactic, but i find it works great.

  • I’ve found the grand mace to be awesome in King of the Hill. The “hill” isn’t very big and that big swinging mace makes the enemy think twice about entering.

  • This weapon is good at surprising new players with its speed.
    You can get apply some real good damage with it’s lookdown overhead.

    Also, something that is not necessarily tied to this weapon only, but I find it fun, is to upper cut your opponent. You walk up to them (get real close) then turn around, look up as much as you can, then do an overhead. You can hit their chin and knock them out!

  • I find the Grand Mace heaps better then the Maul.

    I call it the Rich Mans Maul.

    It is great for close quarter maps like Arena, and is easier to control with team mates randomly jumping in front of you.

  • Interesting, I call it “The iron dildo” :D

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