Something i noticed shield vs. shield

  • So me and a friend have been having a lot of fun doing shield vs shield matches. One thing i noticed though since we like to use a lot of kicks against each other, is there seems to be an issue personally i have with the poke animation on certain, but not all weapons.

    For instance, i’ve been using mostly the morning star… and when you wind up a poke, your shield kind of raises, and so does your morning star indicating a poke is coming. However… when you do a kick or ‘shield bash’… the animation is exactly the same. So unless you are like… jumping or being really obvious you’re trying to get in for a kick, the other person will most likely shield up thinking a poke is coming. This is good for the attacker, but since theres a stun on the shield being up… it’s kind of unfair that the defender should guess whether a poke or bash is coming.

    I think the two should have slightly different animations, don’t make the weapon rise up like you’re going to poke with it when doing a shield bash.

    That is all.

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